Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Roll Up! Roll Up!

Another Wednesday has dawned in full,
Duchess Julie calls us one and all
To share our desks - just a little peek
And for us to go and have a sneak
At all those treasures piled so high
On some work desks they reach the sky!
And so take part in this fun, and play

Having a fun-filled sneaky look at all those lovely work spaces?
Bet you were having a great time until you came here and read that awful prose *lol*
Here's my desk as of about 3am Wednesday... it's not that I'm an early-riser - more of a late go-to-bedder :)
I've started a habit of ALWAYS keeping pencils and pads handy - to jot down my ideas. These days, I'm forgetting more than I'll ever remember... and it's kind of nice (in a weird way) to pick up one of these notepads, notice something I'd jotted down and forgotten, and think "Oh, what a lovely idea!", all surprised with myself *lol* Empty toilet-rolls at the ready, just in case I want to make yet another cardboard-tube mini album (making one right now... bottom right). My Christmas Cottage stays on my desk right now... I'm doing a couple of tags whenever I can, so it will get finished. Ooh... CAPS that last bit... IT WILL GET FINISHED! *lol* (determination)
Lots of purple Christmassy-feel papers, a bit of KanBan, a bit of BoBunny, and some Ranger Distress Inks in purples and pinks... and all because the lovely Karen from DoCrafts is my LRMA (Loo Roll Mini Album) swap partner, and purple is what she wants!

So... a slight mess on my workdesk today... and the floor is in desperate need of a vaccuum. You'll be so proud to know that the hoover stayed in the cupboard under the stairs, and I just carried on crafting and getting all inky :)

A quick note here... I move my netbook over to the middle of the desk to type up my posts... including this one. As soon as there was a space, it got filled... with kitty-butt!
Oh, make that "skinny kitty butt!". She's gone all fussy on her food again, and I'm desperately trying to fatten her up. Okay, so she'll always be a lean, mean, leaf-chasing machine... but I would like to stroke her without feeling bony bits! She does seem very happy and content, and is getting playful again (spent two hours chasing leaves in the garden today!) The worry I had about the kittens was unfounded - they are fine! Apparently the last litter were a bit ahead and forward... these kittens are simply 'normal'. Well, 'normal' and super-cute!



See this is what happens when you don't visit WOYWW for ages and start coming by again. Loo roll minis I have to confess to being somewhat intrigued - if I look back will I discover more?

Debs Willis said...

Cute kitty! Mine invades whenever I'm using a keyboard (strangely absent at the mo - prob cos he's snoring in his basket!)

And cute papers, loving the colours. Tell me more about loo roll mini albums - I'm desperate to know now..........

And so proud of your willpower with the vacuum - keep taking the pills lol lol!!

thanks for your comments on my STampscapes cards - had lots of fun with them!

Debs x

Sian said...

Okay, so I have a new blogger problem. Or at least a Google Reader one - it has just given me your last 4 posts all at once. Not that I'm complaining - a feast of crafty reading is a good thing! I'm hoping your hands have scrubbed up a bit by now though :)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Like the WOYWW rap at the beginning! Good fun! Please what is a loo roll mini?? My mind is boggling...!
Hugs, LLJ xx

Angie said...

We have too many cats you probably know ...but only one pinches my computer seat, if I get up for a second and then moans if I try to remove him.
Cats and their food likes and dislikes can drive you mad ...just make sure she has plenty to drink while nursing. We sometimes stir in catmilk or water in to the wet food and cut out dry food or keep it to a minimum ...good luck ...the kittens look so cute.

Di said...

Lovely photo of Callie there :) And I thought your 'prose' was pretty inspired - but then what else would we expect from someone bursting with ideas :) Belated Happy WOYWW! Di xxp

Anonymous said...

Loved the little WOYWW poem, I re-wrote the first verse of Twas The Night Before Christmas for the final WOYWW before Christmas last year! Love the kitty, hope she recovers and that the kittens continue to do well!

Brenda 88

Morti said...

Ooooh - that surely was a fab poem, Bubbles!
And your desk is quite tidy unlike my pile of rubble.
You see I've just moved and where once it was neat.
My craft space is really looking quite bleak.
So I thought I would wander, and go a-blog-hop
Until at your craft space I thought I would stop.
And here I did spy a marvellous idea -
to use up my loo rolls at the end of the year...

Thanks for the inspiration - on all counts!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hope to see a completed toilet roll book one of these days. And your kitty is gorgeous. Vets say they should be lean, but mine is always a bit on the heavy side.

I read your next post and thought of WOYWW. It has taken me three days to get this far on the list. Happy belated WOYWW from # 11.

L00py's Craft Creations said...

hmnn will have to look up a loo roll book, with 3 men in the house, even with Charmin, they still go through it, so there should be plenty of loo rolls here! Now you see I'm the opposite, and as soon as I clean a space on the floor it gets occupied by large or very large dog bottoms!!

Thanks for the inspiration, xx