Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mini-Album Stand


I have finally finished the stand (or the base) that will hold another mini-album. I think I'll call this one... "Autumn Breeze", or maybe "Autumn Swirls".  It's taken me a while to create... not only because the rheumatoid arthritis really is slowing me down lately, but I kept changing my mind about how I was going to finish the top of the stand! Remember all the stuff I bought to go on top... and then I changed my mind and made a little configuration box instead...?
Rejected! *lol* In fact, I have used NOTHING which I bought with the idea to use it on this stand... and made something completely different instead.
I used my new Tim Holtz Sizzix die "Autumn Gatherings" (657454), and spent a huge amount of time sanding and inking up each leaf after die-cutting it out of Co'Ordinations cardstock (I used distress inks: Fired Brick, Spiced Marmalade, Dusty Concord,  and a lot of Vintage Photo).  I also used some paper roses I bought at Pickwell, and blackberry vine picks (that I can't remember the manufacturers name to! Sorry!), as well as a crochet doily I shimmer-misted (with copper, ruby and purple) and part of a small lacy wrap I chopped up and 'dyed' with "Espresso" colour wash (also by Tim Holtz, Adirondack). Here's some photographs to show the full 360 degrees, as well as the inner compartment (not shown well in the photograph), the drawer, and the top. I was so keen to get these photographs online, that the ModPodge hasn't dried properly yet, and it shows a bit milky-white where this has happened.
 I forgot to mention the little owl too... he had such a cute expression on his polystyrene face that I had to use him *lol* It's a shame the photographs don't really show the swathe of leaves at the front - they're all swirled like a rollercoaster track - I wanted it to look as if the wind had caught the leaves and they were swirling about in the air. Although it doesn't resemble it at all (I think), I got my initial inspiration from Patti Carrow. She was sent a beautiful (gorgeous, magnificent, amazing... get the picture? *lol*) mini album and stand made by 'Fred'. Patti's album and stand are definitely Vintage and a little Shabby-Chic, whereas I wanted mine to be all about Autumn. Isn't it strange how you can get inspired by something, and yet that inspiration leads you into a completely different direction?  You can see Patti's album by her friend Fred HERE. I can't imagine anyone seeing this amazing creation, and not being inspired by it in some way. I can't wait to start the album to go on my stand now.

I'm just hoping that, after uploading all these photographs, that my internet stays on long enough to get it all posted. I have been trying to get online and post comments over the past three days... but have been thwarted by internet chaos! Thank goodness blogger saves posts in 'draft' when the page disappears! I'd be pulling my hair out if I had to do all this again :)

I recall promising a kitten update too...
This evening I sneaked into the dining room looking for Duchess, Essex, and Rosie... and I couldn't find them anywhere! I had been feeding Bella, and she'd fallen asleep in my arms (well, in my hands really - she's such a tiny wee thing), and I wanted to see if the others were hungry too. I searched the room... in the basket - no. Litter tray? No. Behind the door, under the sideboard, stuck behind the bookshelf? No, no and no. Under the table? No. Oh... wait a minute...  There they were - in a small basket that I keep their toys in! All three of them were snuggled up - Duchess all snuggly and warm (and squashed) at the bottom...
It didn't take Bella long to decide she wanted in on the snuggle-fun too...
Daft little munchkins, aren't they?! *lol*


Di said...

Wow - I'm totally blown away (no pun intended) by your fabulous Autumn mini-album! It loaded just fine by the way :) And the kittens are adorable :)

You did make me laugh about the huge pumpkin wrestling match - mad aren't we! Email on its way ASAP. Di xx

Scattychick said...

Wow it is gorgeous Sheleen I would never have the patience to make something like that. I love the colours and the swirly effect and just everything.
The kittens are gorgeous love the little grey one's crossed paws so cute <3

misteejay said...

What a stunning creation and the colours are fabulous - gosh you really have created a beauty there.

The kittens are such cute bundles of fluff.

Toni xx

Debbie said...

Gorgeous and Awesome! Love the fall colours! Love the little fluff balls too!

Anita said...

Breathtaking! Stunning work and attention to detail as always Sheleen, you are so creative and have such patience. Sorry to hear your RA is giving you grief, hope it eases a bit for you soon.
Loving those dear little fluff balls....aorable!.
Warmest wishes

Sian said...

I'm sorry to hear you are being badly slowed down at the moment too :( and I hope you get a bit of relief soon.

I was watching Kirstie Allsop entering stuff into shows last night - honestly, none of the entries had a patch on this!!

dawn said...

You are soooo creative !! I always love coming here to see what you've made and it's amazing. This is beautiful, all the fall colors look so good. Still can't get over how much patience you have for these projects, things have to be very quick and easy or I just can't do them. Lucky for me I can just come here and admire all your projects.


Debs Willis said...

Oh that is just beautiful! Love the colours, love the embellishments - just LOVE it!

And the kitties oooooooooooooh I so want to cuddle them! Mine has been in pet hospital since Thurs & I miss him terribly.

Sorry you're suffering at the mo, hope it improves soon.

Debs x

Dawn said...

I adore the book idea and your Autumnal splash of colour how beautiful. I often buy things for one thing then use for another ;0). My Kittens are so big now. Your are delicious so sweet. I love how they have to be all snuggled together ;0)

You asked a question on your visit to my blog about my splashing water on my tags DI I do sometimes blot the water and then dry others I let it dribble where it will and dry ;0) Thank you for stopping by Love Dawn xx

sixofone said...

Wow Wow Wow, that stand is amazing. I really want one, and the kittys are adorable

voodoo vixen said...

That mini album is stunning... I so want to make one of those!! Oh and the kitties... they are just such wonderful little bundles of fur... looking so cute in their basket!!