I'm a married 'stay-at-home-mum' of four amazing children, and a grandma to Lily and Alistair too!
I suffer with what is now referred to by doctors as being "Bi-Polar"... well, I am not a confused bear living in the arctic, so I prefer to use the phrase "Manic Depressive" - and I think this describes the condition so much better. I do have 'black episodes' when I just want to disappear, and crafting helps me to focus on something productive... and when I am more emotionally levelled, crafting keeps me busy :)
My love for crafting first developed through cardmaking, then onto ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and then further onto scrapbooking and 12"x12" layouts. I've since found a love for making mini-albums - another wonderful part of scrapbooking. In recent years I have developed Rheumatoid, psoriasis-related, and osteo- arthritis, and this affects my hands, arms and shoulders. However, I'm trying to not let this interfere with crafting too much, and have got my sticky mitts on a 1:24th scale dolls house which I completed in 2012.
In 2012 I was further diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It's a debilitating disease that, due to forgetful moments sufferers call "fibro-fog", can be hilariously funny and also extremely frustrating. My mum is also a sufferer, so we manage to struggle through with each other's understanding.
Among my crafty pursuits, I include making jewellery, knitting, and painting dolls known as 'reborns'.
Apart from this, I also write, read a lot, walk in the forest (when I am able), take a lot of photographs, find interesting craft clubs and coffee mornings to go to, and... most of all... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!
You can contact me at: