Thursday, 6 October 2011

Patience... patience...

I am well known within my circle of friends to have "the patience of a saint" (or so they all tell me). I think it's just because what most people regard as naughty children, I find adorable, fun, and mischevious (unless it's MY ornaments they're breaking, MY dog's ears they're pulling, and MY flowers they're dead-heading *lol*). I just think kids are cute... we can all learn so much and remember such beautiful moments through just sitting and watching children play. Anyway... as I said - patience. Should have been my middle name. Well, until today.
The shelves for my boxed corner in the craftroom have been built... they've also had an undercoat, and yesterday had a coat of gloss. Now, one of Hubby's mottoes is "If you're going to do a job do it well". His idea was to leave the shelves for a few days to dry out completely, sand them down, and then give them a final extra-smooth lasting coat of gloss. Or I could have them now - perfectly nice and very useable. My motto is "It's a craft thing... I want it now!" (actually, anything to do with decorating I want "finished yesterday at the latest" *lol*). So, Hubby  should never have given me the choice really. "Well, if you want them up in your room, you'll have to give me a hand carrying them up the stairs", says Hubby. No problem. "Mind - the paint sometimes takes a while to set as it seeps and gathers into the corners of the shelves" was the fantastic advice Hubby threw nonchanantly in my general direction as I "oomphed" and "ugh-ed" picking up the shelves.
I should have taken the "wait and sand down" option really. The paint is still wet. As I lifted the piece, my thumbs went through the soft paint, my hands slid over and furrowed up the paint on the shelves... and I got a fit of the giggles as my hands, hair, and clothes started to become covered in white patches. The more I laughed, the more the shelving unit slipped from my hands. It's so lucky we're thinking of redecorating the hallway, as it now has smears of paint along it. When the shelves hit the light pendant, I nearly dropped them, giggling so much was I. I really have no idea why I laughed quite so much... but the heavier the sighs from Hubby (and the deeper his frown) the more I couldn't stifle the laughter.  We did get the shelves upstairs and into the little room. Eventually. My bare boxed corner went from this:
To this:
And they'll look great filled with plastic baskets full of 'stuff'... except for the long wait I now have for Hubby to get rid of these:
I darkened the photo so you could all see what happens when I get impatient *slaps wrist*
I've gouged, furrowed, and messed up a really nice piece of work. Oh, the guilt! Actually, the guilt is somewhat lessened as Hubby sighs at me, rolls his eyes, and lets me know that now the waiting, sanding, and re-painting will all have to be done in the craftroom itself. And he'll try not to get gloss on the flooring :o
He's smiling now though... think he's found the funny side of it all too :)
Either that, or he's planning on redecorating the hallway with superbike posters... AGH!!!


Amanda Lightfoot said...

Your room is looking great but I'd have been persona non grata for making a mess like that if my hubster had taken the time to finish them nicely lol! Happy crafting and get yourself to bed!! ;o))

Sandra said...

Fancy expecting you to wait for paint to dry lol

misteejay said...


Hope you didn't make too much mess in the hallway.

Toni xx

Scattychick said...

Ooops sounds like the kind of thing I would do except my hubby wouldn't be making or painting anything for me lol. Hope you manage to get your room filled up ;) Loving the christmas cottage and of course the little kittens awwwww