Monday, 3 October 2011

Christmas Cottage Roof

The roof of the Christmas Cottage is finished (no lights yet... don't know whether to put them in the roof or on a paper tree I'm cobbling together). I can say, with hand on heart, there's not a bit of flippin' raffia in sight!
In the end I decided to use a 2" scallop oval to punch out shapes from some Basic Grey papers I had (Wassail Collection: Mantle and Sleigh Ride). I cut the ovals in half and used these as 'tiles'. The paper is double-sided, and I took advantage of this by alternating each layer to show one side of the paper or the other. The flat top of the roof is simply a recangle cut to size, with a 1/4" 'lip' cut with scalloped edge scissors.
I think the roof will look slightly unusual (in a good way *lol*) as I've tapered it slightly, and curved the outer edges. This can be seen a bit better in the photograph showing the inner of the roof.
With one hand a bit out of action, I'm a bit slower than usual (yeah, yeah, I know - any slower and I'd be going backwards... *lol*). The swelling has gone down a lot and the bruising is fading fast - it's just a bit sore and stiff. Thank goodness it's my left hand - I'd be totally useless if it was my right hand... unless... hmmmm - I'm wondering how long it would take me to learn to craft with my toes, and with my teeth?
Still, the point is that my hand is getting better :)

even if it does look a bit jaundiced  where the bruising is fading *lol*
Let this be a lesson to anyone who'll listen... Don't pick fights with stair gates - they're mean, nasty, and will probably win.


misteejay said...

Looks great but I was soooooooo looking forward to seeing a thatched roof **Toni runs away quickly before a sticky mass of raffia heads her way**

Metal filing cabinets always win in an fight too.

Toni xx

Laura said...

Ooh, you poor thing. That looks so painful. I am pulling a 'wincey' face. The roof looks so cool. Will now read back and see the rest of the project! x

Sandra said...

Ouch .... Is right, that looks painful.

The roof is amazing,