Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fiddle Fart Joy

The heading of this post does make sense... honest! I am so happy to have recieved my gift from Helen today.  The woman has to be a mind reader... I had these little Christmas postcards that I wanted to use... but I can't find them anywhere. Then, lo and behold... Helen's packet arrives, and there's a set of the postcards inside! Amazing! And talking of amazing... you all have had a peek at Helen's blog recently...? She's been Fiddle-Farting (see... post header making sense now? *lol*) away at Halloween and once again (as always) doling out the brilliant ideas and fun projects. Go See!!!
Here's my gift from her, which I shall be sharing with my friend LouLou - but not the felt flowers (sorry Lou!) because they may be headed straight for my new project :)

I thought I'd best update everyone on the cute fluffiness that is "The Kittens".
I have to feed them twice a day just to help CallieCat out... she's all worn out, poor wee mummy-kitty.
They are doing well, and are about normal for their age. Ready for the mugshots? I couldn't take a photograph of them all together, as they were exploring all afternoon - in separate directions.
First we have Duchess ... she's going to be a matronly, loving, big fluffy grey ball... and my future SIL's Mum will be taking her on:
She's also very shy and it was so difficult to get a photograph of her at all! I had to play down the brightness and up the contrast so you can see her in this photograph.
Next we have the last born... the little surprise that popped out sometime around dawn the day after all the other kittens had been born. I named her "Aurora Blaze" Aurora means 'the dawn', and she has a little ginger blaze on her forehead. Rosey, for short:
Isn't she adorabubble? She's a squealer... but loves her cuddles too.
Next is the only boy of the bunch... now named "Essex"... because he's grey like a cloud, but with a lot of silver linings. Anyone under the age of 40 may not realise the connection... think "Eddie Moon", Eastenders, David Essex... and "Hold Me Close".  How I love that song!
We're hoping he'll be a churchyard cat, and have a happy home with the Rev. He's playful, and loves to crawl and hide under things - like my wooden chest he's under here.
Last, little firstborn "BellaBella"... the runt of the litter. She only miaows when she hears my voice, and then toddles towards me... she's so tiny and adorable, I may just have to keep her...
As you can see (I hope), BellaBella isn't actually a pure black cat... she's a black tabby. She loves to curl up in my hand and fall to sleep. I swear I could take her anywhere and she'd be content just to sleep tucked into my cardigan... and she's only 3 weeks old!

So.. they are my "Moggy Crew"... all doing well and being happy.
And Mummy-cat Callie is doing okay too...
Keeping watch over her little balls of fluff.


Kim Dellow said...

Ooooo just look at the ickle kitties! Kim

Mags said...

Oh so, so adorable! Lovely pictures!

luv, Mags x

Amanda Lightfoot said...

They are all beautiful S. We had sooo many kittens at the Cat Corner this summer it was hard work but fun. If you go to and look for Fang Fang and Thai, you'll see my two favourites! xox

Scattychick said...

What a lovely post day :) enjoy using your new bits and bobs. The kittens are just pure gorgeousness xxx

Sian said...

They are gorgeous! And it sounds like you have found great homes for them too

Karen said...

Beyond cuteness are your little kitties....bless. I'd like them all but can't as our Top Cat wouldn't like it :-( She's 18, and a real sweetie so I can't complain. Have fun!

Di said...

Absolutely adorable!! Makes your heart sing to see such great photos - thank you :) Di xx

dawn said...

oh my goodness these are so adorable and fluffy. how fun to have them running around and being funny I bet. my kids would love to have all of them and would hold them all day. they are getting so big and i love love all their names and descriptions for them.