Wednesday, 26 July 2017

WOYWW #425

Wednes-YAY!! again :)
I'm sat here on Tuesday evening, feeling sorry for myself as I have a chest infection :( It's one thing after another! lol
Still, I know I shall perk up a bit tomorrow when I can have a world-wide nosey around people's work spaces for
Ms Julia ~ our wordly and wise hostess ~ over at the Stamping Ground, sets up Mr Linky each week for us all to join in :)
My tickle this week netted me number.... 10

So... onto my desk...
 'Messy' doesn't even begin to describe my chaotic work space today! I'm having one of those moments where I want to get a lot done, but the 'lot' piled up on my desk means there's no room to actually get anything done at all! The only available space is in the top right corner - and that's only because I'm holding the computer to take the photographs lol
The two albums and the box they go into are sitting - almost finished - at the side and middle. I'm planning the final 3 pages for the top album, and also what I'm going to use to decorate the box itself. I finally managed to purchase a Tim Holtz Fades embossing folder - the poinsettia one - so I can finish the flowers to decorate the box... along with roses, holly... and probably anything else I can chuck onto it lol
To be a little honest here, I'm almost fed up with this project, but only because I have an idea for another album in my head and I want to get started on that one lol
So that's it really... except for the towel that's hung over my "rail of items that crafting forgot"... It says "All you need is love and a cat". A pressie from my wonderful Mum, it was just too pretty to actually use - and if it's left laying around anywhere, you can guarantee one of the cats (or the dog!) will use it as a blanket.
I do hope everyone is having (and will continue to have) a glorious week! 
I'm off to an early bedtime now - I have my grandbabies visiting tomorrow, so I'll visit everyone's desks quite late on Wednesday (and possibly Thursday too).

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

WOYWW #424

Time for another 
Hosted by our wonderful Ms Julia at the Stamping Ground, it's a nosey-crafters paradise of blog hopping show-and-tell of our work/craft desks/spaces/laps/gardens... lol
Last week I was a BAD WOYWW-er, with no visits at all to any desks :( I'm sorry for that - this week I WILL try harder :)
I have spent Tuesday afternoon at the hospital Neurological clinic, where a consultant (we'll just call him Dr Chocolate Teapot) spent an hour not listening to me and referring me back to have an MRI. So... my desk is somewhat of a mess (well, no surprise there then lol). 
My latest project of two mini-albums in a drawer and box stack is coming along - the first album is finished and I'm just beginning the second one for the drawer. Glue pots, tape, tools and the first page of the new album are scattered around. My glue has decided it wants to be a mini-volcano and is trying to erupt out of the bottle.
One side of the rail above my desk is being used as a "Where can I put this?" place - tapes, my nanny-plaque, keyrings and necklaces are hung and abandoned on the rail of items crafting forgot lol I still haven't got any 'proper' fixings for my camera - it's holding on with a little (a lot!) of help from some washi tape lol But, hey, it works... and if it ain't broke, don't fix it, ... right?
The other side of the rail still has my tassels hanging up... along with some hairbands (they make brilliant closures), more jewellery, another plaque (a 'friend' one this time) and some holly garland.
It's a little dark... but here above my desk...
... is 'stuff' lol. Spare glue, tape dispenser, little metal boxes that look like suitcases, and empty box with a tatted doily covering it, and some mixer bottles. All stuff I thought might come in useful... maybe lol. Some of my smaller paper pads are also stashed up there. There is yet another shelf above that one where I keep a lot of my A4 plain cardstock..
I am supposed to be filming the construction of the mini album, page by page... but I hate to film when there's a thunder storm raging. Anyway... its nice to sit here at silly-time-in-the-morning and just listen to the storm :)

It is just left to say that Mr Linky had his tickles and gave me number.... 5

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

WOYWW #423

Wednes-YAY! is here again, time to roll out the red carpet for all the nosey deskers and show off your work spaces for...

This week, I am starting another project - a Christmas one :)
Yeah, yeah... it's only July, I know - but I have to start these things or I'll never have them finished in time. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it (though I'd celebrate Yuletide all year round if I could... with a little Halloween thrown in lol)
I received my new Cosmic Shimmer Mists in the post on Tuesday... they may not be the newest fad... but they are an amazing brand and I love them :) Never lose or change colour to brown or green (unlike most of the other brands I've tried) and they are such gorgeous colours. Also scattered on my desk: boxes of paper trimmings and embellishments, some postal packages that arrived that I haven't cleared away, one of the mini-albums in progress... and latex gloves. Latex gloves are an essential craft item for me - I just had my nails re-done, and then had to spray-paint a box. No way am I risking getting paint on these fingernails lol

So that's my desk today... and its only going to get messier as this project progresses lol

Pop on over to Julia's at the Stamping Ground, give Mr Linky a tickle and join the world-wide deskers movement!
This week, I'm number.... 3!

Have  fantastic Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

WOYWW #422

Wednes-YAY!  is here again... time for another round of....
What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday
Hosted by our wonderful globetrotting Ms Julia of the Stamping Ground,  it is our weekly round up of taking a peek around the world at other people's work spaces and marveling at how neat/messy/creative/ stuffed they are (the work spaces, not the bloggers lol)
Tickling Mr Linky gave me number... 7! Okay, so not first, but 7 shows I'm up pretty early (or VERY late, depending on how you see it lol)
So, my desk this week...
... showing that I have indeed started a new project. I am stash-busting - starting with some storage boxes that I am making into a stand/box for a mini album. I have no idea what I'm doing with it at the moment - and my brain has been fried over the last few days with visits from my youngest grandbabies - 'Nonna' duties including singing "Baby Shark" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" more times than I care to recall - to a dentist visit Tuesday to finally have my tooth extraction. My mouth hates me right now. I have such strong teeth and roots that getting out a rogue tooth isn't an easy thing to do. I am feeling a bit battered and bruised lol. Painkillers may be a good thing - but I do strange things when I have to add to my usual pain medication - so this new project may be something odd lol
My notebook is close at hand - but it's closed with nothing new inside, as I'm all out of ideas right now lol. At least I have my coffee. It's 3am here right now - and I have just sneaked downstairs to make the coffee and try to eat a slice of cold pizza. Having a coffee ban for the day has been hell! Hopefully the caffeine will soon kick in and I'll have my notebook full of ideas :)

Have a wonderful Wednes-YAY! everyone...