Monday, 17 October 2011

Purple Christmas Mini Album

I haven't posted anything I've done in a couple of days... but I have been busy. Apart from the FOUR HOURS it took me to go through everyone's posts and make comments (why do you people have such brilliant blogs?!? *lol*), I have finally finished another LRMA. "Another?" you cry... yes... and it's all because I just had to ask of my swap partner "What colour would you like for your LRMA I'm making for you?".
Now, with a blog-name of "Purplehouse", you'd think I would've known already. Karen (for 'Karen' is her real name) sent me a lovely little e-mail back asking for "purple, a bit of pink,... and glitter".
Glitter... my nemesis!
The Moriarty to my Holmes
The Joker to my Batman
The Dr Doom to my Fantastic Four
The Katie to my Peter (or vice versa *lol*) get the picture...
Still, I asked and therefore I must uphold my craftegrity, and do as the lady asks.
I used purple... and a little bit of pink... and glitter. Well, I actually used holographic embossing powder a bit - and even encased this little bit of demonic glitter inside several layers of clear embossing powder. To no avail. I am flittered. There is a hint of sparkle in the craftroom, and everything within the room also has that subtle sheen of sparkle to it. Darn! Well, my craft room is no longer virginal as far as glitter is concerned :) But I survived! There are no glittered pets within the house, I am not sneezing glitter, and there are no cascades of sparklyness as I walk though the house.

So, here's the cover, showing the couple of charms I added to the bookrings and the ribbon  had to use to hold the book together:
All the tags inside are pretty simple, journaling lines on one side and embossed wording and snowflakes on the other. I also made another of the customised bookmarks, using a butterfly charm and a purple tassle as the enclosed gift for Karen.
The little tags on the first page are the same - Santa on one side (holographic embossed) and patterned pink paper on the other side. These slip under the circle with the snowflake on. The little tag that slips into the stocking pocket opens up.
 I used the envelope idea again and placed three little cards inside - all with reindeer on them. Two simple tags slip under the word "JOY" that is also holographic and clear embossed. Following this is my favourite idea... the reindeer on one page attached by ribbon to the present-stuffed (tags) sleigh on the opposite page.
 The following page is a matt that folds down to reveal three spaces for journaling/photos, and also a tag slipped into the punched top of the matt too. The opposite page folds out revealing a tag pocket and a journaling matt held in by clear photo corners.
 The last page is a little matchbook flip-top pocket that holds spaces for five tags.
Well, I hope Karen enjoys her book and her gift... the swap doesn't finish until November 15th, so I may have a while to wait before getting my return-pressie :) I'm so excited *lol*

Because I kept renaming my swap partner. Her name is KAREN, not Helen *lol*
Let's just say it comes with age...and then not mention it again :)


misteejay said... fab is that.

I know what you mean about the blog hopping - I keep finding more lovely sites to add to my reading list which does eat into crafting time some what.

Glad the glitter didn't cause too many problems.

Toni xx

Di said...

Oh dear - I had to jump up and run to the loo - almost had a Tena moment here roaring with laughter about you and the glitter :)) The result is looking stunning I must say - are you sure you don't fancy making 120 wedding invites? Nope, I thought not honey! :( Di xx

Debbie said...

Gorgeous usual! Love the purple! I'm anti- glitter! Only use the Stickles or pens when needed! Thanks for visiting me! :)

sixofone said...

What a fabulous mini. If I did Christmas I would want it. I know what you mean about gltter. I don't use it either

Karen said...

Awesomely beautiful!

Alana said...

Now sneezing glitter I would like to see:) I'm sure she will love it esp as you went to so much trouble with the colours and glitter. In answer to your question about the balls...they didnt belong to us...and they where shiny silver ones!!!

Anita said...

LOL, Sheleen, you always make me giggle with your antics, I just LOVE to hear about your crafting adventures . Glitter is banned in my house (my Hubs reckons he has a bona fida allergy to it LOL) I normally manage to sneak in a little here and there. You are def the Queen of LRMA's....this is simply beautiful. You are just too darned clever by half Madam....Fab as and thank you so much for your kind comments and taking time to visitme (((hugs)))

dawn said...

OMG this is soooo cute and mini and adorable and PURPLE and yummy and precious and perfect and MORE!!! Seriously, all those little ideas you have are so AMAZING, she is going to LOVE LOVE IT!!

That little stocking and the matchbook, really how do you think of these things. So wish this was coming to my house instead.

Thank you for the nice and positive comments on my blog. Makes my day.

Sian said...

This made me laugh. And gasp. Your attention to detail is amazing! and I'm wondering if you are good at maths, with all those folds and flaps all perfectly aligned?!