Thursday, 8 December 2011

Quilling 'Eck!

I cannot believe that nobody has ever let me know about the wonders of quilling paper. It's flippin' marvellous stuff!
I started making my own little pieces of crockery and pots, etc for the dolls house project I'm working on (Adventure Into Miniature blog) using strips of paper I cut out of parcel paper... then discovered people had been using this very same idea for AGES using quilling papers. I was amazed... and pretty dumbstruck that I had never thought of this at all before now.
Well, I guess this post does explain a little as to why I've been absent from the blogging world... but I really haven't been obsessed with my dolls house and miniature stuff - I truly have been busy and quite ill too. There is no possible way that I will catch up with everyone's blog now, and so I will try my darndest to start reading everyone's posts regularly ... tomorrow. Today is just another day that's overwhelmed with 'stuff' to do *lol*.
I'll just show of my quilling paper creations - and some of these will be seen here before reaching my dolls house blog (even though there's only one follower there *lol*).
The smaller pot here is less than 1cm wide.

A selection of paper pottery. The squares on the craft mat are 1", so you can imaging how tiny these pieces are.

A close-up of the 'earthenware' pottery mixing bowl and large jug. The wooden spoon was crudely cut out from a cocktail stick.

The urn has been painted gold to match the bathroom.

So... more amazing uses for my scrapbooking stash... HobbyCraft must be getting worried with me not spending there any longer *lol*

**Update: Just remembered the blog candy Christmas Mini Album giveaway... I'll draw that tomorrow - and sorry for the wait!