Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Thank You To Kathy

Good Grief! I'm actually working on the mini-album... I've completed forming all the pockets, and am starting to make the tags needed for the album too! I must be ill *lol*
Actually, as I sit here working, I realised that I owe an awful lot to one woman... a lady (I might add) who I have never even met! She has no idea who I am... I just sit and watch some of her videos online occasionally. Of course I am referring to the wonder that is Queen Of The PITA Babes... Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon.
Kathy is one amazing lady, let me tell you! A scream-and-giggle-a-moment kind of gal, who has been an inspiration to me. I never started to make my own boxes and mini-albums before knowing Kathy's work... her way of constructing boxes is how I base a lot of my album-boxes on. As for the mini-albums themselves... although I do have a lot of my own ideas, and I realise that many people can have the same idea without ever knowing of each others work, I have to admit that I do think the "Kathy Influence" of having seen her pages, DOES rub off on my own ideas.
So... here's a HUGE "Thank You!!!" to the paper crafting queen with the dirtiest laugh ever!
Yay! I'm going to complete this album... really!
Quick kitty update...
They are doing quite well. I think they're a little weak, so I'm keeping a close eye on them. I opened up the front of their box yesterday... and they started to get a little curious. Not yet curious enough to step off of the cardboard though *lol*

And finally... just as I thought Blogger had sorted out it's problems, here's the latest list of "No Comments"
Susie, at her "1st Floor Flat" has a link to a really good tutorial on backgrounds for wordpress and typepad. A tutorial I might add, that even I can understand and follow, so it must be good *lol*
Alana in her "Little Blue Shed" is showing her 'week in pictures' - amazing photographs... and sponge cake :)


misteejay said...

That mini album is coming along a treat.

Toni xx

Kim Dellow said...

Ooo the mini album is looking good and look at those lovely kitties! Kim

Sandra said...

I'll check her out on you tube I think :)

Di said...

Those kitties are just soooo cute :) Off to check out Kathy now! Di xx

dawn said...

Hooray for Kathy inspiring you and helping to get you started on these beautiful projects you make. I could never attempt these even after watching the videos. So hooray for you too.

Those kitties are so cute and getting bigger I see.