Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mini Trunk Finished! :)

After having a no-go area in my "was-a-dining-room-now-a-craft-room" room (because the kittens were so hyperactive!), I finally managed to finish my mini--trunk and album today. To be quite honest, at the moment I'm limited to the amount of crafting I'm able to do because of the pain I suffer (rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis), and if I get a chance to play with paper every other day I consider myself very lucky :) Anyway... enough of the griping - things could be a lot worse and I really do appreciate how lucky I am.
Right... so onto the mini trunk and the gin--induced purple mini-album. Once again the mini is a gatefold  album (when aren't they these days for me? *lol*) with loads of space for fullsize 6"x4" photographs. Of course, there is also glittery-ness and OTT on the decoration (for me anyway) that you can definitely blame on the gin haze *lol*
Get ready for quite a few photographs... the mini album is about 3.5" thick with loads of pages and space, and sits vertical in the trunk.
Mini trunk next to the inspiration 'Daddy Trunk" (also made by me). The mini version is made from scraps and leftovers only.
The cover first, then the pages flipped over one by one... the back of the cover is just one piece of chipboard covered in the same paper as the front covers:

 Well, that's it for now folks... the kittens are climbing my legs, so time for me to leave the room and let them settle for the evening. Hpe you've all had a brilliant week so far. Remember... Friday tomorrow, then the WEEKEND!!! Yay!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

WOYWW #108

The last Tuesday of each month is "Craft Night At Pickwells!" and so my desk is covered in crafty bargains when I shopped... well, craft night isn't just for crafting, you know!? *lol*

Anyhooo... Here's my desk:
My purple mini trunk and album is all finished (bar one page) - oh, if only we could learn to stop having giggling fits (or "Tena Moments" as we ladies over 40 like to call them *lol*) and actually do some crafting, then perhaps we'd have our projects finished. Still,  Mini etc on the bag covering my laptop on the left. Top right is the carousel - bearing in mind that until I came home from Pickwells, my desk was totally empty!  Propped up against the carousel is Tyrell's Vegetable Chips... scrummy-yummy! Well, I need a food break sometimes :) Now onto the interesting bits... I picked up some Papermania and Basic Grey double-sided papers... Gorgeous! next to them  coming toward the middle of the desk is a little plastic pot filled with feathers and a new pokey tool (yay!!!... actually, when shopping at Pickwells, my intention was to buy just the pokey tool... I kinda got waylaid by pretty things and spent a lot more *lol*).
I also purchased some Tim Holtz goodies... just a couple of little things, some 7 Gypsies book covers, a little cupcake chipboard mini-book (naked chipboard, 7 pages)... and a ton  of charms! I love these brass-like metal charms... so low-priced and an essential... I didn't want them - I needed them!
A close-up of the charms I bought except for a skull steam-punk one that I gave away to my Lou-Lou's (she's my best friend since I was 1 year old, so I'm allowed to call her my Lou-Lou's *lol*), and an angel I gave to my mum...
There are probably another ten designs I need to get hold of too... when Hubby goes on holiday with my Dad in September, I'll buy them then... Hubby gets a holiday, so I get guilt money *lol*
So... a slightly messier desk this week (nearly 1am on a Wednesday morning!)... but a happy crafter who's managed to craft, shop, giggle, and munch - all in just a few contented hours :)
Oh, and yes, that was little kitten ears you may have seen poking up from behind the desk in the first photograph... I've moved my desk away from the chairs so that the kittens are (supposedly! Ha!) unable to climb onto the desk and chew everything they can get their little teeth into. They're just about ready to re-home now, and although I'll miss them when they do go (IF they go), it will also be a bit of a relief to be able to craft in relative peace and quiet again.
Wanna see...? Oh, okay then...

Max is all camera-shy... but Misty, Sox, and Boo-Bear love all the attention :)

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Squiffy Sunday Sneaky Peek

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...
Today is a hot sunny day - perfect gin-and-bitterlemon weather.
And I'v had three.
Large ones.
Oops :D

As well as a 'gin day', today is an 'embellish your mini' day for me. It's the mini album I made to go into the mini trunk, and it's supposed to be simple and purple. Trouble is, I think the gin-influence has made me a tad more flamboyant than usual, and I have only two pages finished that are full of flowers, butterflies... and glittery bits! I don't do glttery bits!
So, although it's definitely NOT a Wednesday, I thought I'd let everyone in on a sneak peek of how my workdesk looks today.... squiffy-stylie *lol*
I think my gin-induced creativity has made me prone to messiness (spot the gin and bitter lemon taking pride of place on my desk *lol*)... and at some point this evening I'm expecting someone to have to rescue me from a glitter overload. Once again I say...
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...
think I shall pay for this tomorrow *lol*
However... squiffy though I may be, my cutting lines seem to be extraordinarily straight, my lines are relatively well-spaced (and I can't do straight normally), and I'm quite liking the whole OTT look of my mini album :)
Tomorrow I may see things differently... I'll let you know (if I'm able *lol*).

Friday, 24 June 2011

Still busy busy busy... Trunk boxes.

I finally finished the tutorial for the "Trunk Full Of Memories" box and mini album ... and I can't send it because my e-mail keeps timing out! Hopefully my son will sort out something for me...
It is a gorgeous finished item.
Yesterday I set myself a challenge... make something using only leftovers and scraps. So, I decided to make a mini-trunk-box with an album inside.
I had sorted out my scraps - chipboard, cardboard and kraft paper into one bag... plain papers into another bag... and last of all, patterned papers into a separate bag.
It turned out quite well... the little trunk holds a 6.75"x4.75" gatefold album (do I make any other kind of album these days? *lol*) and it will fit nicely into the colour scheme of my bedroom :)
I'd usually keep all my leftover bits and pieces for a while, get fed up with them taking up space, and then throw them out! Think I shall have to set myself a "Leftovers Challenge" at least once a month from now on!

I'm having a few problems with Blogger again... leaving comments is becoming quite a long-drawn-out process whereby I am advised to clear cookies and cache, re-sign in, refresh, retry posting a comment, and then scream in frustration directly after grinning through my grinding teeth *lol*
Okay, so I'm NOT advised to scream or grin inanely... but it does help!

So, if I've not been commenting as much as I used to, please accept my apologies - I love reading every blog that I follow... and I wouldn't like anyone to think that I've not been visiting regularly.

Right... off to clean a litter tray, remove kittens clinging onto ankles with claws and pin-teeth, feed little critters, fuss mummy-cat, extra fusses to the dog... and then opening a BIG bag of minstrels and having a lovely hot cup of black coffee. What's the bet the phone's going to start ringing as soon as I'm off the computer? *lol*

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

WOYWW #107

Another Wednesday is upon us... and I'm shattered! Hospital yesterday - a really lovely registrar stuck a 3 inch needle into my knee and pumped it full of steroids *lol* Today (as pre-warned) I am in agony! I'm hoping it'll all be worth it in the long run. So... with hospital trips and playful kittens, I've not had much of a chance to fill my desk with craftiness of late. For "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?" I'm showing a rather empty desk...
At least, I would if Blogger would let me download a photograph onto the page *lol*
Trust me, it really IS tidy... promise! Just my laptop and latest project - and a nearly-empty carousel. All I'm doing right now is writing the tutorial for my "A Trunk Full Of Memories" project.
Think I'll leave Blogger alone for a bit to get over it's latest tantrum, and try to upload a photo later :)

Yay!  I got the photo in.... see, told you it was tidy! *lol* I do have a few glues out - I'm testing to see if I like any of the 'Aleenes' glues as much as (or more than) the glue I already use regularly. There on the corner are my wrist supports - naughty me should be wearing them... but they are annoying after a while.
Hubby just waked through the door - it's his birthday today, so I'm going to log off and give him a big birthday hug :)

Just a quickie photo to show how difficult crafting is at my desk right now...

And I got over the 'can't post a photo' problem by using the 'edit html' rather than 'compose' choice buttons at the top of the posting rectangle... My brain is not working properly today, and that's the only way I can describe what I did to sort the problem *lol*

Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Box For Mum

Have I ever mentioned what a talented lady my mum is...? She has, in the past, made some beautiful lace pieces - using the traditional bobbin method... now she uses tatting shuttles to create the most amazingly gorgeous tatting lace pieces of artwork - and they really are a work of art. She asked if I could make a box to store her shuttles in - and of course I said yes!
I really liked the rose papers (I think they're by 'CraftyBitz"), and when the box was all finished I used a whole lot of Gold Leaf Rub N'Buff - shabby chic just for my wonderful mum!

The Faux Paper Bag Mini

As far as I know, the paper bags a lot of people use to make mini albums aren't available in the U.K. So I just made a few from copy-paper, used up a load of My Minds Eye papers, and made a no-paperbag paperbag album... easier just to say "Faux Paper Bag Mini" :)

The papers were unusual colours - an acidic greeny yellow, and deep rusty reds... but the combination actually worked really well together. There are eight sets of pages - one large bag page that holds a large tag, one small bag that has a 6"x4" photo matt in it, and one  flap that is stuk to the next set of pages and this contains a little 4"x4" booklet. I used deep oranges and burgundy coloured card stock to make the photo matts, as well as the circular 'pulls' on the tags.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


WooHoo! It's Wednesday again... and time for "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?" In my case... not a lot *lol*

My carousel seems to now be a permanent fixture on the desk - and it's full again with glues, scissors, rulers, Rub N'Buff, bits of scrap paper and notes on my latest project. Talking of latest projects - there it is on the desk... the not-so-mini mini-book. Next to the trunk (the project *lol*) is a small box of tools pilfered from Hubby's shed... I don't think he's noticed yet :)
On the far left is more small boxes full of little tools and miniature watch cogs, which is hiding my ever-present ATG - which, in turn I used to make a faux-paperbag album (also on the desk next to the orange bowl full of miniature nuts and bolts). The plastic box front centre is my 'dangly stuff' box - full of chain and charms. Oh, and middle of the desk being all curious and cute is Misty :)
I do have things to do today on my desk... but somehow think it may have to all wait until Misty decides she doesn't need to be near me all the time *lol*
Have a wonderful WOYWW #106 ladies (and gents)... and SMILE! It is Wednesday, after all :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Who stole a few hours from each day...?

Well, someone's been shaving off a few hours from every day... at least, that's how it feels! At the moment, I have no time to do anything - and if I do find a few moments spare to do a bit of crafting, as soon as I sit to my desk I have four little kittens chewing at my ankles. It's so hard to concentrate when the skin is being flayed from your ankle by little fur-monsters with pin-like teeth *lol*
Misty had an eye infection... but careful bathing of it with cooled boiled water has ensured she's made a full recovery... now she thinks I'm her mum and she miaows for me all the time! Sox is still the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen, Boo-Bear is just a HUGE mass of cuddlesome kitty! And sweetie-pie little Max-A-Trillion has just discovered his own shadow (though he hasn't figured out that he can't catch it yet! *lol*)
So... apart from cleaning litter trays (yes... they are all litter trained already thanks to Boo who started using the litter tray at just 3 weeks old!), keeping CallieCat away from her kittens' food, and having my ankles flayed, I haven't been able to do much at all.
I am in the process of making yet another mini-book... only this one isn't so 'mini' really. I've almost finished the outer case - just a latch to put on the front and the outside is complete... wanna see...?
I'm going to call this "A Trunk Full Of Memories", because it will have space for a few small treasures possessions as well as a mini-book.

Bit of a monster isn't it?! The outside measures 11.25 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 9 inches tall. I'm guessing that this sort of project would be easier and cheaper to buy than it is to make... but for me, it's just having something that I know I've created myself. I've used about 7 pieces of chipboard so far, as well as 5 sheets of kraft paper, one sheet of black cardstock and 4 sheets of Mariposa papers.
I think this one's going to take me a while to finish... and I'm hoping to actually write a tutorial for this too (you can thank

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Ooh La La! Shoebox Mini

It's Thursday morning... and I did promise to reveal my new mini album... it's the Ooh La La Shoebox Mini.
I used some of the remaining gcd Paris Nights papers I had ( item # 486 from GCD Studios) I've only 5 sheets left of it now! I thought they matched so well with what's in the acetate-fronted portion of this mini book cover (just held shut by gold ribbon, tightly attached with gemstone brads)...
Aren't they adorable?! I loved making these... and if i could wear them myself, I'd give it a go *lol* Unfortunately, these are a little small :)
Made from paper from an idea I found on the web (there are loads of paper shoes similar to these all over the internet) I made my own pattern and and thought the flocked papers used here were fantastic for the shoes. To be honest, the whole mini album came about because I loved these paper shoes!
When the lid (the shoe-box part of the mini) is fully lifted off, it reveals an exploding box that is the cover of the mini album. There is a half-inch recess at the bottom of the box that makes it into a lid that keeps the mini album all closed up.
The bottom box is stopped from 'exploding' open fully at the side with ribbon - once again attached with gemstone brads. Not shown in the above photograph is the charm-dangly attached to the ribbon with a Tim Holtz swivel clasp (#TH92677)

The ribbons are untied to open the book, which has loads of room for 6"x4" photographs as well as slightly smaller ones and also plenty of opportunity for journalling too.
The papers for the mini album are all tan and red, with dark grey/black tags as well as matching red and tan tags. It's decorated throughout using the Paris Nights papers (I'm so going to mss using those papers!... same as when I used all the Ella Blue papers also from gcd Studios). I should also add that this is (once again) a gate-fold style album.
There are 3 'sets' of pages on each side that are as follows:
Plain page, with a small pocket at bottom of page on reverse.
Small pocket on bottom of page, with a full-paged envelope pocket on reverse.
Half-sized page with full-size tag inserted.
That's 18 pages in total, all decorated with the gcd papers except for the flaps of the envelope pockets... and it was relatively simple to figure out and make.

Now, I would like to have tutorials on my mini albums that I make... but the problem is that I just 'wing it' most of the time... I'll sit with my craft papers and just make it up as I go along... so I apologise for that, and to all those who have requested a tutorial for the mini-dresser album too :(

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Another week, another Wednesday... so another What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!
Yes, I'm making another mini-album... to be revealed tomorrow (possibly)... suffice to say that it involves paper shoes - and that box in the middle upper part of the photograph... well, that's the cover for the mini album :)
My trusty carousel is there still... but with a lot less in it today :) On the far left is a stack of boxes I had made - all rejects from the mini I'm making *lol*  There's a lot of paper and cardstock on my desk - though it's surprisingly well organised and quite neat (what a shocker!). The mini album itself is that pile of pale brown and red card on my workmat - I promise it'll look so much better real soon :)
And apart from my always-on laptop... there in the front on the far right is my new toy... I finally got an ATG!!! I love it! It took a few tries to get used to how best to handle it, but it's so much quicker than double-sided sticky tape that I have to peel the backing off of.
For all you lovely crafters out there in blogland... have a wonderful What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Being This Cute...

Finally a scrap layout! :)
I had a few photographs of my grandson Alistair taken on the same day, and have made a layout already using one... but these two picies of him yawning were just begging to be put onto a layout. I titled the layout:
"Being This Cute Is Just So Very Tiring".
After all the papercrafting and mini-book making I've done over the past few weeks, this seemed too simple. I didn't want any huge swathes of flowers or loads of embellishments - and this kind of feels like I've cheated somehow. Maybe it's just me trying to get used to scrapbooking a 12x12 layout again.... who knows?!
The cardstock and papers are nearly all My Minds Eye, with a little Core'dinations thrown in for the blues. Some of the flowers are raised with silicone glue - but I wanted them to be part of the pattern rather than a statement factor of the layout.
You really don't have to look too closely to see what a mess I can make with a little daub of glue *lol*
The title is part handwritten, and the letters on the banner are cut using the Tim Holtz "Once Upon A Time" Sizzix strip die. A little bit of handstitching... and a couple of die-cut birdies to look as if they're holding the banner-string in their beaks and it was just about done. I think I need to get back into practise... but making boxes and books is so much fun! *lol*

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I'm not a PIFer (*lol*... sounds so rude!), but I'm back to showing off (ha!... ashamed of, more like) my workdesk on a Wednesday after a short break last week.
The most obvious thing this week is that I've moved my table - more room for the kittens :). Not too much here today: Ranger Distress inks , the mini cover (the little dresser) and mini book that I just finished inking the edges of all the photo-matts and tags to... Orange and strawberry drink (quite nice, actually) and a cold coffee (who has time to craft AND drink??)... my laptop (or is it a netbook? Think it's actually a netbook), and a few choice items that I found at craft club last night - some beautiful papers and embellishments (charms). Oh, and let's not forget my gorgeous Bo Bunny papers and bits'n'bobs... I got most of them from Craft Obsessions... such good value (AND they have a sale on at the moment.... spending spree coming on! *lol*)

Dresser Mini Book

I completed the book yesterday... and photographed it before the finishing touches (inking the edges of the matts, etc). That Henbury Lane paper collection just keeps going on and on and on.... I used it for the whole book, and used Core'dinations papers for the tags and matts. The book fits snugly into the cover - though I haven't decorated it yet - a few handmade flowers perhaps? There are 30 tags/matts in this album - and a lot of them are at least 6.25"x4.25" - plenty of space for a full size photograph.
I used little ribbon 'tags' so the book can easily be removed from the case, held on a little extra-tight with brads too.
I like that there's a lot of 'fold out' pages to this mini, and some tags are pulled from the top, some hidden in pockets, and some just on full view.
For someone who really isn't that keen on the colour pink, I've used it a lot on this mini! :)

And.... here are the kittens today - I have just taken this photograph within the last five minutes, and they are looking cuter than ever!
Missy (who is now called Misty, because my youngest daughter says so *lol*) loves being on the bottom of the kitty-pile... think she likes the warmth :)