Sunday, 16 October 2011

My Mum... Genius!

My Mum is a crafty genius. Really. She may not agree, but I think an appropriate song could be
"Anything I can do she can do better" *lol*
She is a lace maker, she can also produce tatting lace... she knits, she crochets, and she sews.
A little while ago, she made me a craft bag... and it's perfect! Not many people outside of my close friends here in "The Real World of Un-Web" know, but I can't really walk without the aid of two walking sticks. It's a pain when you need to carry anything, and shopping alone just isn't possible. Well, almost not possible.
The craft bag Mum made has a long, wide strap that fits right over my head and across my body - no hands needed! Other than that, it's got a leafy pattern in it - so very me :)
It's not the best photograph... sorry - but my camera is almost as useful as a chocolate teapot most days - the flash won't work in synch, the focus is all-to-pot, and it's definitely NOT a bad workman blaming his (her) tools *lol*
Anyway... here's the extra genius part...
if I happen to be having a good enough day not to need walking sticks, or I need to balance the bag over a chair (or over the end of a walking stick), the handles can be shortened...

... just by slipping them through the wooden rings attached to the sides.
Told you she was a genius, didn't I?


Laura said...

Clever Mum indeed. *Love* the shortening devices - that's so cool she thought of that too. What would we do without our Mums, eh?!

misteejay said...

I agree, a very clever Mum - love the bag.

Toni xx

Di said...

Agreement from me too - a very clever and ingenious Mum. Great design! Di xx

Anita said...

That is just super.....what a lovely, thoughtful and talented Mum you have.xx
Warmest wishes Anita.xxxxx

dawn said...

I agree she is a smart cookie, can see where you get it from. My mom is a genius too.

Sian said...

Genius! And I hear it's in the genes :)