Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Where IS Everything??

I should have listened... so many of you were right...
I can't find anything in my 'new' craft room lol
Although I didn't rummage through too many of my 35 craft drawers (yes, 35... plus 17 boxes and 7 shelves lol), I did take the labels off the front of them telling me what was inside. And then I swapped a few drawers around thinking a new order would make more sense.
In all probability, it DOES make more sense... just not to the crafty cluttered mind that doesn't truly understand order.
Chaos can be so much easier ...

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

WOYWW #421 ?

I have been a bad WOYWW'er :( I had every intention of seeing everyone last week - especially after being the first to tickle Mr Linky. But alas, I did something stoopid instead. Not being able to sleep, I thought my craft-room could do with a tidy-up... so tidied I did. For FIVE days! I am now unable to move and aching in places I'd forgotten I had lol
Sadly, because of my daft idea that my crafting space needed to be tidy, I wasn't able to get to my computer to visit anybody, and my work-desk this week is somewhat lacking.
 Just a little wicker basket with some supplies for my next project, and some "twinkling H2O's" that I'm itching to try out... on what, I have no idea yet (the dog better scarper lol). My webcam is at the ready to record my new project for YouTube - in the totally unprofessional way that I do lol...
My tassels are hung above my desk, and lots of findings and metalware bits and pieces are close at hand in the little drawers. Hanging above the desk on the right is a little teddy and a plaque from my grand-babies... it says "Nans give the best HUGS".
Kitty-Belle, our middle cat, is LOVING the new space though.
She has full view of the window...
 Can stretch out on the floor...
 Has her own throne chair to sit on....
 Can poke her nose into my stamping baskets...
 See what's hidden behind my latest completed project...
 And survey the rest of the room from her vantage point :)
So that's my work-desk/crafting space/uncluttered-ish work-room this week.
I have no idea what week we are on for 
I thought it was week 421 this week and 420 last week - but Ms Julia has other ideas lol... as long as she is enjoying her time away, I guess it doesn't really matter lol
Pop on over to the Stamping Ground if you want to join in...
grab a number from Mr Linky (he likes to be tickled)...
and show off your work space :)

This week, I'm number 1 again! I'm shocked lol. Apparently, there's a definite plus-side to not being able to sleep early on a Wednesday morning :)
Have a fantastic Wednes-YAY! everyone :)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

WOYWW #420

Wednes-YAY!!! is here again :)
I've had a weird sort of week - and wasn't able to visit many desks last week - something I hope to rectify this week. I have had so much trouble with ordering online - so many hassles with lost orders, and orders that did arrive being wrong :( Still.. could be worse - I could be sat here in the middle of a heatwave, sweating in a tiddly tiny overstuffed craftroom too! Oh... wait... I AM lol
So, today my desk looks kind of sparse...
Not a lot going on here - mainly because of the problems I've had trying to locate 160gsm-180gsm gram A4 cream coloured cardstock. Not white, not pale orange, not winter-white, not yellow... just CREAM lol. If I wanted any less or more heavier paper/card, I'd be as happy as a piggy in mud - but, there seems to be a lack of what I need. My FIFTH attempt (or is it six now? I've lost count lol) of trying to locate the card I need to finish the incredibly ugly mini album sat atop my desk has been with HobbyCraft - so fingers crossed I'll finally have delivered what I need. Unfortunately, this won't be for the better part of a week, hence the lack of work going on here at my WORKdesk lol
A quick look around my room shows a lot less of tidiness and neatness...
... To the right there is a box of 'stuff' for the album that I might use, have used, or am thinking about. To the left behind me...
... more 'boxes of chaos'.
I did start tidying the room... then changed my mind. I blame the weather - it's just too darn hot to do anything!
Well, that's it from me for today. By the time you're reading this, I am hoping to be sat in the garden with a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade.
Only to add, that I believe Mr Linky is looking forward to getting his tickles every week, a bit too much now... but he is giving me number...  1. Seriously! I am first - for the first time ever lol. And it's not because I'm up bright and early, but because I haven't gone to bed yet - it's too hot! lol

Want to join in with
Pop on over to Julia's blog, the Stamping Ground, where all will be revealed :)
Until the next time... have a wonderful Wednesday to All!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

WOYWW #419

Wednes-YAY! is here again, time for the weekly nosey around the 'interweb' known as 

Wanna play? Go over to Ms Julia's site and give Mr Linky a tickle to get your number. Trust me, all is explained at the Stamping Ground. lol
Today I am number... 13.  Oer... not the first time I have been 'unlucky for some' number 13 - lucky for me I'm not too superstitious :)

So, what IS on my workdesk today (and last night too)?...
Umm... a bit of a mess actually lol
I am once again in the throes of album-making. Pages ready to be put together are in plastic sleeves, metal die-cuts are at the ready, ink is close by, and scraps of paper litter my work-space. I am, shockingly for me, NOT using black card-stock, and (even more shocking for me) have chosen a paper collection with a LOT of pink colours running though it.
Of course my coffee is at hand - sat on the windowsill where I hope it won't be spilled (again).
So that's it - hopefully short and sweet enough this week(I do tend to ramble on usually)

Here's hoping everyone has an amazing Wednesday :)

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

WOYWW #418

Firstly, huge apologies for not visiting everyone last week - my internet went down :( Hopefully, this week I'll join in fully for
Hosted by the wonderfully arty Ms Julia each week, you can find details on how to join in on her site here :) I gave Mr Linky a tickle Wednesday afternoon, and collected my number... 36
I am running very late again lol
Because I had no internet, I have been busy filming the tutorial for The Raven mini album that I have finally finished :) It's a haphazard affair, full of mistakes and forgetful moments - but I had fun filming it. Of course, this means my desk is a bit sparse this week...
The finished album is here, on it's stand with a bottle of ink (I made a new label for the bottle to tie it in with the album) and a feather quill in a pen stand. Ed and "you can call him Al" are perched happily beside the album, along with my new tape dispenser. I just thought a penny-farthing holder for sticky tape was such a good idea, I had to buy it lol. It's not actually such a brilliant tape dispenser... but it looks good.The rest of the desk is full of pressies and gifts...
My new OttLite has been brilliant - thank you so much for the recommendation Elizabeth (& Bluebeard). I have a new DVD/disc drive - a pressie from my lovely mum :) Hubby chose the cover for my desk - it's wipe-clean vinyl so I can remove the pet hair and kitty paw prints with ease :)
Lots of gifts this side of my desk - all from my daughter's best friend (thank you Louise!) - you can't see the shell very well, but trust me when I say that it is so gorgeous :)

So, that's my desk this week. 
I hope everyone has an amazing Wednes-YAY!