Thursday, 6 October 2011

Kitten Update

Just had to let everyone know that the kittens have started to open their eyes as of Wednesday night... they are soooooo adorable! In fact, there aren't enough o's in "sooooooo" to explain just how cute and adorable they are!
I thought the first litter Callie had were the cutest kittens ever... but these ones are so sweet, I could squeeze them ... oh, no I don't mean like Lenore and the hamsters kind of squeeze them *lol*
Little tiny Bella mewls for me... how cute is that?
I got so lonely and bored in my craftroom on Tuesday and Wednesday, that I bought the kittens upstairs with me. Much as I miss them... NEVER AGAIN! *lol* Callie plopped each one out of the small basket, onto the floor... and then waltzed off and left them to crawl around on the carpet!
They did look cute all curled up together in that basket though...
NB please note that "Lenore, The Cute Little Dead Girl" is not appropriate for children... or the easily-sickened, faint-hearted or easily offended.  But she definitely appropriate for anyone with a dark sense of (slightly sick) humour *lol*

Oh, and now...
*doing the happy dance*
I finally got to plug Lenore!


Debs Willis said...

These kittens are adorable! Wouldn't get any crafting done if they were here, would just sit and watch them.

And your tale of the painted shelves made me laugh! At the weekend DH painted our decking, I said 'is it dry yet' as I stepped on a nice shoe print just outside the door lol

Debs x

dawn said...

how adorable they are curled up together. I wouldn't get anything done because I'd sit and hold them all day or stare at them and take photos.

Di said...

Just totally gorgeous! Callie knew you'd babysit them didn't she? A very shrewd move on her part I think :)Di xx

MaggieC said...

They are so cute, curled up like that, but I can imagine they would not be good crafting buddies.

Sandra said...

I have to agree, they're just toooooo adorable. I think I'd spend all my time watching them