Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Did you hear it???
It must have been loud...
the bomb, that is...
The bomb that obviously went off on my desk this morning!

It is such a mess!
I was running late yesterday evening for the craft night at Pickwell's... I had deliveries all day (not that I'm complaining - I love to get things in the post!), trying to get at least ten different things done at the same time (and achieving the completion of NONE)... and basically running around like a headless chicken getting nowhere fast :)
So... how's your desk for WOYWW this week? Bet it a LOT tidier than mine!
I can't close my drawer, I haven't unpacked my bag (with my amazing, gorgeous and simply wonderful WOYWW badge on it )
 I have no idea why the Autumn Swirls mini album and stand is back on the desk... because I have finished it - finally! As for the packet of choccie buttons... I swear they were unopened when this photograph was taken. They are now, however, all eaten with the wrapper hidden in the bin. If you hide all evidence of eating chocolate, the calories don't count, right?
 My laptop is sat on top of magazines instead of my lap, I have clay bits and paintbrushes everywhere...
And I still haven't gotten around to starting that darn crochet yet either!

Well, have a wonderful WOYWW to all!
Pop on over to Julia's and join in... if you dare :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


You're never going to believe this... but on my desk today, there are actual scrapbook papers... really!! *lol*
"What's On You Workdesk Wednesday"? is here again ,YAY!!! and hundreds of nosey parkers are snooping in on other people's desks... those who dare to show them.
 As you can see, there's a lot going on - a little bit of everything... so nothing is really getting done.
 Yes, that IS chocolate... and there's not much left either. And, yes, it was ME who ate it all *lol* The autumn mini-book and stand are out again - I am determined to get it finished...
 I'm also re-learning to crochet. I've not gotten very far as yet. Okay, so I've not got anywhere at all... I did do a few loops last week... and then threw it across the living room (much to the kittens joy and fun!)...
 That's my diary... I still write in it every day - all boring stuff. And then there's the dollshouse I have yet to build... well, the instructions anyway. You'd think that, by reading the instructions, all would be plain and clear... but, NO! After reading the instructions my head was swimming, and I had no idea what to do next. So the dollshouse has thus far stayed in it's box... in pieces. Of course, this last week has been flippin' awful... the hallway and stairs are being redecorated. Hubby was fed up with the dark chocolate brown walls, and asked me to pick another colour... "Anything but brown", he said "Or blue". To be fair, the colour I picked is a medium to light teal sort of colour... which (in my opinion) is more green than blue (though it doesn't show too well in the photograph).
So... he can't really complain about the colour :)

That's it... I'm back to getting this mini-album finished...
Have a wonderful WOYWW everyone!
Happy Crafting!

Oh... and have to add:
Buckets of thanks and smiles to Julia - I got my badge and it's brilliant! It's attached to the shoulder strap of my large craft bag ... so wherever I go, the badge comes too :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers Day Shocker!

The last few minutes of Mothers Day are upon us... and what a lovely day I've had. I just had to write down something that my son texted me earlier today:
If you add up my childrens' ages, you get the amount of years I've been a mother... mine totals over 83 years so far! Of course, this does not include being a furr-mummy to my smelly little pets *lol*
Wow... a combined total of 83 years. Now that's truly a shocker!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Photography

Something a little different today...
For my New Years Resolution, I decided that I would write in a diary and take a photograph every day. So far, I've kept that resolution and have taken some really pretty photographs that I will (hopefully) get around to scrapbooking soon(-ish).
I thought I'd start sharing some of my favourites. I go so very few places, so most photographs are taken from my windows or out in the garden - a lot of photographs of the pets, the weather... and clouds. I must admit that I don't think I'll ever tire of photographing the sky - it's always different, never the same. To catch a moment on film (or rather, "digitally" nowadays) that will never be seen again is somehow quite special in my mind. Or maybe I'm just an old romantic and a fool *lol*
This one was January 11th... from my daughters bedroom window.

I love this one... so simple. It was taken at around 9.30 in the morning on January 16th.

My daughters favourite picture... taken in the garden on February 23rd.

And finally, I couldn't resist a photograph of the kitties. They are so funny - mimicking each other like a pair of book-ends. They do this sort of thing all the time...

This one was taken on the 28th February... I must have photographed them 20 or more times that morning, and every time one of them moved a bit, the other would copy. Just so cutsie :)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Today It's Wednesday again... time for the joy that is always "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?" (hosted by the wonderful Julia at The Stamping Ground)
It's a shame I didn't have a photograph of my desk yesterday - covered in scrapbooking stuff... just like old times :)
Today however, it's "Makin'Bacon" time on my desk... and trying to figure out what next to do on my 1:24th scale teashoppe.
Seriously... that little white tile has upon it what will eventually be 1:12th scale crispy fried bacon. I've been in the mood for a lot of music of late - hence the i-Pod and speakers - I think I've listened to everything on there twice round in the past day or two. I have to add that the ashtrays on my desk are NOT because I'm a heavy smoker *lol* They were extremely cheap to buy and are very useful for mixing pastel chalk colours in and storing miniature fried chips in.
Well, that's all on here for today... and my! isn't Julia early posting WOYWW post today? (even if she did forget Mr Linky)
Have a wonderful WOYWW everyone... and Happy Crafting!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Wow! I finally got around to posting here... and on a Wednesday too for Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday! I really should have gotten here sooner - considering I've been up since 5am (which is becoming quite the 'norm' here nowadays). To be qite honest, this week my desk isn't really about scrapbooking... it's still making miniatures (food mainly), but I actually quite miss posting on my blog here rather than the other one (Adventure Into Miniature - go check it out!... please? *lol*) and I really should catch up on what everyone's been up to. I am feeling much better of late, and hopefully I'll get back to being me soon.
So... here on my desk is a pile of polymer clay and a tea strainer... curiouser and curiouser :) I'm going to try and make miniature corn on the cob... I'll post about it on the miniatures site later - if it works *lol*
My last WOYWW was week 130 - 14 weeks of missed fun and nosiness!
I just have to add a qick something that bears no relation whatsoever to WOYWW, crafting, desks or anything like...
I recieved a phonecall from a charity for deaf people... can't remember which one. Anyway, I thought they were going to ask me for a monthly donation (which I simply can't afford) but instead, they have a brilliant ide... they are going to send me a small cardboard box which I shall put in all loose change... when it's full, I send it to them - brilliant! No hassles or guilt from a charity... just giving what I can afford. Wonderful idea!