Saturday, 22 April 2017

Tidying up!

Hubby and I have our 23rd Wedding Anniversary very soon - and so he bought me a new toy to play with. I am the very happy owner of a Sizzix Big Shot Plus :)
Unfortunately, today I am really not well enough to sit and craft - having a bit of a Fibro-Flare-Up. So... I decided to potter a bit and tidy my little craft room. Amazingly, I have just one tiny carrier bag of rubbish to throw away - everything else has been sorted and tidied :)
This may not seem a big deal to a lot of people, but my crafting hobbies include:

  • scrapbooking
  • miniatures
  • nail tech
  • mini album construction
  • jewellery making
... and probably other things I have forgotten about lol. So there is a lot of 'stuff' in a not-very-big room. All drawers are stacked and stuffed, all boxes full and overflowing, and all space accounted for and used lol

 Straight ahead as you walk (squeeze! lol) through the door
 A look to the left
A glance to the right

And making sure the cat bed is accessible to the fluffy darlings lol

I am now aching all over, and I swear my aches have aches lol

I did add just one little extra to the Alice suitcase...
After all, what point is decorating this project if there isn't the Cheshire cat to see?

Now we just have to see if I can manage to keep things sorted and tidy for when WOYWW rolls around lol

And More Progress...

I changed my mind again! I'm pretty sure now that the base will NOT go with the suitcase... I'll make another base instead. Also, I've figured out how the suitcase will be decorated - and that's almost completed now. Inside, I think I'll line it with torn pages of an "Alice In Wonderland" book that I've printed out. Really, it's just the back of the suitcase that's changed...
 I added a watch and chain to the back -the top of the chain being secured with a pretty brad.
 I also finished the tags with the cupcake and bottle.
 The front is exactly the same...
 ... though the tags are able to be removed and placed to the front...
... or to the sides.
That's about it... I just wanted to update my blog with how the project was progressing - and using that as an excuse for not actually making a start on the album to fit inside the case. I have no idea what I am going to do for that! lol

Friday, 21 April 2017


It's a bit of a pain when you have loads of ideas in your head, but no real plan on how to execute any of them... this is what I have discovered whilst throwing together the stand and box for a mini-album I have yet to make (or even envisage as yet!).  Progress has been made, however... slow though it may be :)
The front...
 And the back...
And NONE of this was how I first thought I would lay out the decorations and embellishments at all lol
I had made some pieces including a half-painted white rose with a paintbrush...
... and the 'Drink Me' bottle was going to stay empty. Now the bottle is full...
... and the rose is nowhere to be seen :D
I will be adding a few more pieces to the case including the 'Eat Me' and 'Drink Me' tags with the bottle and a little cupcake...

... the reverse of the tags having images on them.

As for all the white and blue roses, the ribbons and the lace - well, I'm just not sure yet.
I'm also still debating whether the stand will be used for this suitcase, or if it will be used for the 'Raven' album I will make.
I added the fence trim and mod-podged the whole thing, then placed the keyhole onto it... and now I just think it would look amazing with the other album. It's something I will have to consider carefully. As you can see, I have avoided adding any embellishments to the stand as yet just in case I do change my mind. Maybe I'll make a tray-stand with no drawer for the 'Alice' case and album...?

Life would be so much simpler if I could just make up my mind lol

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

WOYWW #411

Today is actually Tuesday, but as it's a nice sunny day I will be gardening instead of crafting - so my desk will stay just as it is for the next few days (weather permitting). I've had a few days away from home as my poor Mum was very ill and I had to call an ambulance for her on Sunday. I've had to spend all my time with her as the doctors and paramedics advised she wasn't to be left alone for a few days until the medication they'd issued had a chance to kick in. Thankfully she seems a bit more herself today, so I'm back at home for a little bit whilst my Aunt stays with Mum. She had me scared though - I thought she'd had a stroke!
So... onto my desk for the show-and-tell that is "What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday"
I am making two albums right now - neither of which are urgent... but I guess you just have to go with what you're feeling inspired with at the time :)
I've just had some more metal dies delivered - I'm not an addict, honest! though I will admit to having more than 400 dies right now with more on the way. Okay... I'm an addict lol. 
The rose dies are for the wedding album I will make for my niece Tamsin - I'm so excited about her wedding because I'll get to see the family all together. They're not actually my blood-family, but we've sort of adopted each other and love as though we were family - and that's what counts in my book :)
The albums...
The two I am making are a dark-themed Alice In Wonderland and an album based around Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven".  The suitcase isn't one I've made... It's from a set of three you can purchase at The Works for £7 (also included in their offer of buy two for £10). I couldn't realistically make one for the price - and this was one I had just laying around spare. I sprayed it with leftover black stove paint and then rubbed the edges so the blue would show through a little. This is what the Alice In Wonderland mini-album will be inside of. The stand was made for the suitcase to sit on top of... but I may change my mind and use the stand for the "Raven" album instead. The drawer fits perfectly into the base, absolutely flush - I'm so happy with that as I am well known for not being able to cut a straight line for love nor money - let alone measure anything with any degree of accuracy lol. The base has been made with packaging I have saved from my many deliveries from EBay and Amazon and the remains of black card-stock and paper I had left over from previous projects. I feel quite good and green with all this recycling, upcycling and using up oddments :)

I am hoping to get the suitcase partially decorated with lettering and the covers of the album started - but with my life at the moment, I am not sure if I'll have the time! I'm also not too sure about the feet I've chosen for the base - they're not attached right now so they may be swapped for a different design. I'm also humming-and-ahhing about the choice of handle/pull for the drawer... but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

So... if you want to join in with "What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday" you can click on over to The Stamping Ground and Let Ms Julia tell you how to play along. Let's face it, we're all a nosey bunch really and this is a whole load of fun :)

All I will add is my number for Wednesday - and this week it's to be #27

I do hope everyone is having a brilliant week, and enjoying their Wednesday!

Quick update for Wednesday morning (00.10 lol)...
I did actually put some wording on the suitcase...

There will be other embellishments, and I'll probably shabby-up the lettering too :)
I really love the backwards letters, and I used the Tim Holtz Alterations Vintage Market Sizzix (Sizzlets) Decorative Strip Die (656623).

Now I am definitely finished for the night lol

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

WOYWW #410

I'm writing this Tuesday evening - but guaranteed my desk won't change a bit before Wednesday (or Thursday, and possibly even Friday!), so technically, it's still "What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday" 
It's a mess! It seems that, just lately, I've had the urge to shop for crafty things but have no inspiration or real ideas on how I shall use any of it. I bought yet more edge-dies... I now have well over 50 of them lol. Another embossing folder that I might be able to use on something, a wine-themed stamp set that I thought I might use on the music-sheet project (but then changed my mind), loads of Alice In Wonderland themed bits and pieces I have printed, made or stamped that I do want to use in an album I sort-of have planned...and plug chains are also sat on my desk. I saw them in a shop and thought to myself "Ooh... they'll come in handy for making albums!" and promptly bought four of them. By the time I had gotten home, I'd completely forgotten exactly the amazing idea I had that I would use them for (I think it was some amazing, new-fangled way of making an album closure... but who knows?! lol). There is also a roll of wallpaper sat on my desk. I had a tester piece torn off of a roll for my mum... and as I stood looking at it, I had the idea that it would make beautiful covers for some of my journals and albums... along with the other five rolls of wallpaper I have collected for exactly this reason, and never actually used yet.
I had a very tiring day - but a lovely one too - visiting with my 4 grandchildren. We went to the Maxx 99p store, and they wiped me out! I only wanted coffee, and ended up spending £30! I did find some beautiful pencils though...

The actual pencil 'lead' isn't metallic exactly... but the colours are so beautiful - like faded Victorian hues. Unfortunately, the photograph isn't very good and shows them a lot brighter than they really are. I just fell in love with the colours, and I am sure there'll be something I will use these for... eventually :)

So... there you have it - so many crafting items, and so little inspiration. 
I can't really use the excuse that my tooth still hurts, as I went to the dentists of Thursday and had it drilled and filled. BUT... on Saturday I broke the filler and now have toothache again. I just want the dentist to take out the offending tooth! lol

To all the lovely people who visited my blog last week - I do apologise for few return visits - this week I WILL make the effort and have a peek at other people's desks.
If you have no idea at all as to what is going on here, just pop on over to The Stamping Ground, where our ever-creative host Ms Julia will explain everything here.

Finally... for this week's WOYWW I shall be number... 26

Have a wonderful Wednesday to All... and for the rest of the week too :)

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

WOYWW #409

Ah, yes... Wednesday has rolled around again - way too quickly, I might add - and it's time to show of our places of crafting glorious-ness in the weekly posts know as "What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday" :)
For the last few weeks I have been late, disorganised or just completely forgetful - so keeping my fingers crossed that this week I shall be able to get posted, link up, and visit lots of blogs all within a good space of time :)
This week, I shall be number .... 19.
I am in a crafting transitional stage at the moment - lots of ideas for projects in my head, and not really sure which one to start first. Trouble is, I've had an awful toothache for the past few weeks and it's just getting worse. I'm too often distracted by this annoying pain to be able to concentrate on an important project.. and there are some important things that need doing.

My dearest friend's daughter is getting married (YAY!!!) and as honourable and venerated 'Auntie' I am plunged in at the deep end (again!) and helping out. I made the wedding book for her eldest daughter (my namesake, Charlie), and so am doing the same for the youngest daughter, Tamsin, too. I just hope Royce, her son, doesn't decide to get hitched in the foreseeable future lol. Anyway, I have been advised of the colour theme, and have managed to get hold of a Papermania capsule pack in 'Parisienne Blue' with tags that will match in 'Burleigh Blue' (no 'Parisienne Blue' ones to be found!). I'd love to get hold of a couple more packs, as the project I have in mind will take quite a bit of paper. Papermania used to do a Capsule Collection in yellow and orange colours - but that's disappeared off all shelves, and so I may have to end up using plain card-stock in those colours. I can't decide which border/edge dies to use - and may have to sit and do something I've never done before and actually think about the design and plan it out BEFORE I start lol. So that explains a little of what's on my work-desk... now for the rest...
I've been looking for some cheap seam binding, and managed to get hold of some online - 15 metres for £1 plus a little  postage - so I bought everything they had. Only 4 colours - but I  can dye it to suit what I need. I've just found two more in grey and pink - 1/4 and 1/2 inch widths, so bought those too lol
Another project I've decided to start is for Christmas - yes, I know it's a little less than 9 months away yet - but I do like to be organised :) My youngest daughter lives here at home along with her boyfriend, Matt. Matt is so good to my little girl (she's 22 years old, but still my baby lol) and he has so much patience. He works, sings in a band AND writes their songs, organises gigs (they are on tour right now), and even helps produce their music videos too... and he makes his own guitars from scratch. Oh, he also gives guitar lessons too. See... amazing! Anyway... his mum is pretty special - she'd have to be to raise a son like Matt, so I want to make her something special for Christmas. She is a music teacher and a concert flautist. I thought I'd make her a little album she can fill with photographs of her orchestra moments :) 
A work in progress lol

Well, That's it - a bit of a long-winded post (my apologies). Except for the glycerine and paper I mentioned last week... even though some of the 'leather' paper I made was with old yellow file folders, it all came out quite well...
I haven't run them through the embosser yet - I'm deciding on which (if any) folder to use. They really don't look as shiny in real life lol

I hope everyone has had a trouble-free week so far :) Have a Wonderful Wednesday.. and the rest of the week too :)

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

WOYWW #408

I was so late in posting last week - I hope this week's "What's On Your Wordesk? Wednesday" finds me somewhat more organised :) (It didn't, and In wasn't lol)
This week I am number 38
So... this week I am doing... nothing actually. I have finished the mini-album... though I am not happy with it at all. More about that in a moment. Firstly... my desk:
  A finished album, my coffee, a couple of deliveries of embellishments - and some glycerine. I have some old file folders that I want to turn into leather-looking paper and apparently, the glycerine will help me do this. We'll see lol
My desk looks quite sparse - but around me is chaos - my drawers are stuffed and overflowing, and I've been rifling through my stash.
These are just four of the TEN drawer units I have crammed into my wee tiny craft room - not to mention the shelves, storage boxes, and piles of 'stuff' placed everywhere. It's a tight squeeze in here :)
Now... the album...
It's just way too stuffed lol. I ended up glue-ing the journalling spots directly to the pages instead of making little cards - but I may have to cut down the pages inside anyway and removing some pieces just to make it all a little less bulky.
I'm pleased with the actual design - so I have no idea what bits I shall remove yet...

Showing the journalling spots I've had to glue directly onto the page... and this is the page on the left that I made so many mistakes with. It's a bit of a shame - because I LOVE this paper collection and wanted this album in my living room.
Oh, well!

I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday - I will have a nose around later at what people are showing. 
Want to take part? Hope on over to The Stamping Ground, and follow the links to WOYWW.
Have Fun!!!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Crafting Mishaps #8

Oh, darn... that moment when you've slaved over a mini album for days - WEEKS even - and than you realise that you've made a bit of a boo-boo. I made a pocket too close to the spine of the album, so no tags would be able to slide in or out. The whole page had to be redone. Was that the crafting mishap? Nope...
I had to carefully cut off the pocket and remove the backing paper underneath so I could re-do the page. I managed not to be as careful as I wished, and sliced through the top of the page! I did sort of rescue it with glue and a slither of paper... and managed to glue my fingers to the backing paper on the other side of the page! Was THIS the crafting mishap...? Oh, noooo...
I was stressed about this mistake, I'll admit - and stress makes me a messy crafter. The desk was overflowing with bits of discarded paper, backing card, glue, tools... I had to stand over the project to see what I was doing! BUT I did manage to alter the page  - even though the magnets I bought are too thick, and I had to peel back the paper I just glue'd down because I forgot to place the magnet under it first. So... was this a crafting mishap that was blog-worthy? Oh, dear no...
The page finished, I started to tidy up the extreme mess I had made... and then sat down - heavily - in my chair.
THIS was the crafting mishap...
You see, my desk was such a mess that I had put some tools on my chair because of the lack of room...
I don't think it would have been quite as bad if I hadn't sat quite so heavily. But on the plus side, I was wearing a thick dressing gown because being ill has made me feel the cold. Every cloud has a silver lining :)
Now... does anyone know how to get glue out of a heavy jersey dressing gown...?

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Welcome once again to my crafty area on What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday (WOYWW)!!!
Race on over to The Stamping Ground and let Ms Julia tell you how to play along if you want more information :)
Today I shall be number... 45
It is now Tuesday night, and I just know that I will be too tired to write this post Wednesday morning - I have had a day in the City Centre with my middle daughter and two youngest grand-daughters (birthdays are looming! lol), so I am absolutely shattered already!
And so on to the mess that is my work-space today:
Yup... still a mess! In all fairness, it's not really my fault - I have a problem. You see, in town today I arranged to meet my daughter at a cafe where I would have to walk past The Works - and part of my problem is the inability to actually walk PAST that shop. I entered. It was triple points day... YAY!!! I bought loads of papers. Again. Oops lol. On the way back home, I realised I had forgotten to collect my ankle boots from the cobblers, and had to walk past The Works again to collect them. Once again, I couldn't (and didn't) walk past, but went in and spent some more. BUT I did remember to buy my mum some lovely gifts for Mothering Sunday :) Should I also come clean and admit to shopping at The Works online last night too? Problem, me? Noooo... I see paper, I buy it, no problem! lol
 I haven't done much more to my mini-album ... just added some of the charms I bought...
... and also started to make the tags and photo mats.

So... that's my work-space ... how about yours? Show it off and let's all have a sneaky peek :)

A Wonderful Wednesday To All!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Spend, Spend, Spend

I took a quick visit to The Range... well, it was supposed to be a quick visit :)
The crafting section beckoned, and I just couldn't resist the pull as Hubby went off in search of fence posts. I wandered through the aisles, not really needing anything, but wanting ever such a lot of things, when hidden away in the corner of a bottom shelf I espied some 6x6 papers. Now, I am not admitting to being a paper hoarder or addict of any kind... but if there was a 'Paper Collectors Anonymous' group, I'd probably be the first member lol
Anyway, I don't usually buy foiled or glittered papers, but these ones just have to be the exception to that rule...
There were six different pack designs, my favourite being pack number 5... but they only had one of those left :( Still, I did buy at least one of each paper pack :) I've not anything specific in mind yet... but I'm sure I'll think of something eventually.
I also managed to find some other papers, a die-set, some mini kraft booklets and tiny tag books as well as a few other odds-and-ends I obviously desperately needed :D
The die set was half price at just £4... oh, and all the 6x6 books (30 pages each)? they were £1 each - bargain!

I am supposed to be finishing working on the 'Wild At Heart' album - making tags and photo matts... but keep getting distracted by animals, deliveries, phone-calls and sneezing fits lol
I WILL get it finished - I'm waiting on a few little bits that I bought online to be delivered and then I'll have no excuses left at all.

Happy Crafting To All... or whatever it is you all do to make yourselves happy :)

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

WOYWW #406

ARGHH!!! For all my good intentions of once again being a regular bloggerite, life got in the way and I have done absolutely NOTHING. I have had my flu jab - and again got incredibly ill after having that awful needle jabbed into my arm (it was expected - though I am forever hopeful that one year, my flu jab will do nothing except protect me from the flu lol). So... apart from very slowly crafting and laying in bed feeling all sorry for myself, I have done very little - as my messy kitchen can testify to :)
It is now the extreme early hours of Wednesday morning, and I have 'things' on my mind that are keeping me awake - so, a perfect opportunity to partake in the ever-expanding, always interesting "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?".  Ms Julia at The Stamping Ground hosts, and the rules and regs are over on her blog if you want to find out more or  take part :) This week I am number... 11
So, onto my desk...
 Bit boring, huh?!
 I have finished the base of the project mini-album I started working on - it's an album with a drawer attached. I have to make all the tags and photo-matts to go inside now :)
 I had to include this little bit of the desk - at the back there is my favourite pencil sharpener with hugging foxes on it ... so cute! The lucky troll was a present from my mum, a long time ago! She also crochet'ed the little flower it sits in. Oh... the foxy eye mask - that's my daughters and I am supposed to be repairing it.
 I did treat myself recently - I bought a little craft tidy that hangs off the drawer of my desk - I just use it to keep my most-used glues and tapes handy :) It was £3 at 'The Works' ... a shop I have NEVER been able to walk past lol
 I ordered myself a few paper pads too :) The mini-album drawer combo I just made was decorated using the "Wild At Heart" First Edition paper pack - I LOVE these papers :) 
Now, I must apologise... some people may have noticed that the black curtains in my craft room always look a bit grubby and dusty. I swear it's not my fault... my cats love to sit on the windowsill as I am crafting - so it's not dirt or dust you see - it's just masses of cat hair :D
 See...? This is Coco just sneaking out from behind the curtain. The local fox was just doing her rounds and my cats like to watch her from the safety of the inside lol
 Coco (we call her "CoCoBean") loves nothing more than sitting on my crafting space and stopping me from working lol... but she's not the only distraction...
 Barkley McScruffles doesn't like to be left out either, and he often sits or lays on my feet as I craft the hours away.

Well... that's my Workdesk this Wednesday - and I will admit that I have discovered something in the last two weeks...
I have tried my utmost to 'clear as I craft' and tidy up as I work on my projects and creations. It makes every project take twice as long... and it's BORING! I tidy up, and I can't find anything! Okay, so I do find it hard to find anything in the mess and chaos I create in the wake of my crafting anyway - but at least rooting around in piles of stash is fun (and I always seem to find something I'd forgotten I had too). Tidy crafting is boring crafting - mess is good :)
I shall leave you with that thought... and wish you all a wonderful week and a Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

WOYWW #404

After another LONG hiatus, I am back again :) and returning for the always fantastic "What's On Your Work-desk Wednesday?". Hosted by the amazing Ms Julia over at The Stamping Ground.
Want to join in and have a nosy peek at other people's work spaces? Just click  to pop over to Julia's page, and all will be revealed on what to do.
Today I am number 17 :)
Not a great deal has happened since October last year - I am STILL trying to lose that last 12 pounds in weight... and I haven't been crafting a great deal at all. I have been trying to get my home in order - room by room :) Right-O! onto my desk. I was inspired by Alexandra M to make a mini-album, and on my desk is the start of my new project. 
 It's all quite tidy at the moment - but that won't last long lol. The project sits in the middle of the desk - along with a little chocolate to keep me going. The only items I seem to be accumulating are adhesives - tapes and glue - because I can never make up my mind which to use at any certain point in making the mini-album.
I did spend almost an hour cleaning my craft mats. I do have a new one - but didn't want to start using it because it will get ruined lol.
 My cup-flask of coffee has to stay handy too - as well as my glasses. 
This project is going to take a long time. I have had a few falls in recent months - breaking bones all over the place. I broke my little finger on my right hand, and it's not healed properly, so much so that it's practically useless. I also suffer with psoriasical arthritis, and this has caused the skin at my finger joints to dry and crack so much that I can barely bend my fingers. Still... could be worse :) 
Right now, I'm writing up a list of "I want..." that includes dies, scissors, papers, glues, tools - a whole medley of little things that will add up to a whole lot of money lol. Well, I can dream... right?

I'll try to post more regularly - but not making any promises :)

Have A Wonderful Wednesday Everyone!