Wednesday, 13 December 2017

WOYWW #445

I haven't blogged since July! It's been so long that I forgot how to sign in to my blogger account!!
Anyway... Here I'm sat at a few minutes past midnight on Wednesday morning, with a few minutes to spare... so what better way to use those minutes than with a blog update through 
Hosted as always (I am still hoping! lol) by the always  patient Ms Julia, over at the 

So, Mr Linky got his tickles, and I am number 3 on his naughty or nice list :)

My desk is a MESS! apparently, my desk isn't just a desk any more... oh, no... it is also a mini-cottage industry, a film studio, and (most importantly) a cat bed. Seriously - Coco and Kitty-Belle have to have an old shawl of mine on the desk so they can sleep there. It's either that, or they pinch my chair.
So here it is... my disastrouosly messy desk! The shawl is tucked over to the left hand side so the cats can hide under the tea towel hanging ("All you need is love and a cat") and have warmth from my lamp. Spoilt little furbabies!  The rest is all 'stuff' being made and put together for my Etsy store - except for the glass balls - they're mine (and VERY dusty from sawdust flyying around after my wand-making session). 
Just behind the desk and under my window is a new cluttered addition to my craft room - its a herb table. The notebook on my desk is sitting there, waiting to be used to help me sort out the herbs and bits and pieces I have stuffed in and on that little table. The notebook is not really helping. lol
 A little close-up of one of the four boxes on the desk... it's a little HedgeWitch Apothecary Set. This one is the 'dark' set - the others will be based on different colours - red, green, and blue. 
I am still making You-Tube videos - though not many since the 'Winter Wings & Wishes' album I made - that one is HUGE! lol. I am having a few problems trying to find places to put the albums and may have to sell a few - but I love them all! lol

So that's it from me for now. I'll not make any promises to keep up with WOYWW every week, as I am so busy right now... but I will try :)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday and the rest of the week too!

Hedge & Hearth Pagan Crafts

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

WOYWW #425

Wednes-YAY!! again :)
I'm sat here on Tuesday evening, feeling sorry for myself as I have a chest infection :( It's one thing after another! lol
Still, I know I shall perk up a bit tomorrow when I can have a world-wide nosey around people's work spaces for
Ms Julia ~ our wordly and wise hostess ~ over at the Stamping Ground, sets up Mr Linky each week for us all to join in :)
My tickle this week netted me number.... 10

So... onto my desk...
 'Messy' doesn't even begin to describe my chaotic work space today! I'm having one of those moments where I want to get a lot done, but the 'lot' piled up on my desk means there's no room to actually get anything done at all! The only available space is in the top right corner - and that's only because I'm holding the computer to take the photographs lol
The two albums and the box they go into are sitting - almost finished - at the side and middle. I'm planning the final 3 pages for the top album, and also what I'm going to use to decorate the box itself. I finally managed to purchase a Tim Holtz Fades embossing folder - the poinsettia one - so I can finish the flowers to decorate the box... along with roses, holly... and probably anything else I can chuck onto it lol
To be a little honest here, I'm almost fed up with this project, but only because I have an idea for another album in my head and I want to get started on that one lol
So that's it really... except for the towel that's hung over my "rail of items that crafting forgot"... It says "All you need is love and a cat". A pressie from my wonderful Mum, it was just too pretty to actually use - and if it's left laying around anywhere, you can guarantee one of the cats (or the dog!) will use it as a blanket.
I do hope everyone is having (and will continue to have) a glorious week! 
I'm off to an early bedtime now - I have my grandbabies visiting tomorrow, so I'll visit everyone's desks quite late on Wednesday (and possibly Thursday too).

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

WOYWW #424

Time for another 
Hosted by our wonderful Ms Julia at the Stamping Ground, it's a nosey-crafters paradise of blog hopping show-and-tell of our work/craft desks/spaces/laps/gardens... lol
Last week I was a BAD WOYWW-er, with no visits at all to any desks :( I'm sorry for that - this week I WILL try harder :)
I have spent Tuesday afternoon at the hospital Neurological clinic, where a consultant (we'll just call him Dr Chocolate Teapot) spent an hour not listening to me and referring me back to have an MRI. So... my desk is somewhat of a mess (well, no surprise there then lol). 
My latest project of two mini-albums in a drawer and box stack is coming along - the first album is finished and I'm just beginning the second one for the drawer. Glue pots, tape, tools and the first page of the new album are scattered around. My glue has decided it wants to be a mini-volcano and is trying to erupt out of the bottle.
One side of the rail above my desk is being used as a "Where can I put this?" place - tapes, my nanny-plaque, keyrings and necklaces are hung and abandoned on the rail of items crafting forgot lol I still haven't got any 'proper' fixings for my camera - it's holding on with a little (a lot!) of help from some washi tape lol But, hey, it works... and if it ain't broke, don't fix it, ... right?
The other side of the rail still has my tassels hanging up... along with some hairbands (they make brilliant closures), more jewellery, another plaque (a 'friend' one this time) and some holly garland.
It's a little dark... but here above my desk...
... is 'stuff' lol. Spare glue, tape dispenser, little metal boxes that look like suitcases, and empty box with a tatted doily covering it, and some mixer bottles. All stuff I thought might come in useful... maybe lol. Some of my smaller paper pads are also stashed up there. There is yet another shelf above that one where I keep a lot of my A4 plain cardstock..
I am supposed to be filming the construction of the mini album, page by page... but I hate to film when there's a thunder storm raging. Anyway... its nice to sit here at silly-time-in-the-morning and just listen to the storm :)

It is just left to say that Mr Linky had his tickles and gave me number.... 5

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

WOYWW #423

Wednes-YAY! is here again, time to roll out the red carpet for all the nosey deskers and show off your work spaces for...

This week, I am starting another project - a Christmas one :)
Yeah, yeah... it's only July, I know - but I have to start these things or I'll never have them finished in time. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it (though I'd celebrate Yuletide all year round if I could... with a little Halloween thrown in lol)
I received my new Cosmic Shimmer Mists in the post on Tuesday... they may not be the newest fad... but they are an amazing brand and I love them :) Never lose or change colour to brown or green (unlike most of the other brands I've tried) and they are such gorgeous colours. Also scattered on my desk: boxes of paper trimmings and embellishments, some postal packages that arrived that I haven't cleared away, one of the mini-albums in progress... and latex gloves. Latex gloves are an essential craft item for me - I just had my nails re-done, and then had to spray-paint a box. No way am I risking getting paint on these fingernails lol

So that's my desk today... and its only going to get messier as this project progresses lol

Pop on over to Julia's at the Stamping Ground, give Mr Linky a tickle and join the world-wide deskers movement!
This week, I'm number.... 3!

Have  fantastic Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

WOYWW #422

Wednes-YAY!  is here again... time for another round of....
What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday
Hosted by our wonderful globetrotting Ms Julia of the Stamping Ground,  it is our weekly round up of taking a peek around the world at other people's work spaces and marveling at how neat/messy/creative/ stuffed they are (the work spaces, not the bloggers lol)
Tickling Mr Linky gave me number... 7! Okay, so not first, but 7 shows I'm up pretty early (or VERY late, depending on how you see it lol)
So, my desk this week...
... showing that I have indeed started a new project. I am stash-busting - starting with some storage boxes that I am making into a stand/box for a mini album. I have no idea what I'm doing with it at the moment - and my brain has been fried over the last few days with visits from my youngest grandbabies - 'Nonna' duties including singing "Baby Shark" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" more times than I care to recall - to a dentist visit Tuesday to finally have my tooth extraction. My mouth hates me right now. I have such strong teeth and roots that getting out a rogue tooth isn't an easy thing to do. I am feeling a bit battered and bruised lol. Painkillers may be a good thing - but I do strange things when I have to add to my usual pain medication - so this new project may be something odd lol
My notebook is close at hand - but it's closed with nothing new inside, as I'm all out of ideas right now lol. At least I have my coffee. It's 3am here right now - and I have just sneaked downstairs to make the coffee and try to eat a slice of cold pizza. Having a coffee ban for the day has been hell! Hopefully the caffeine will soon kick in and I'll have my notebook full of ideas :)

Have a wonderful Wednes-YAY! everyone...

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Where IS Everything??

I should have listened... so many of you were right...
I can't find anything in my 'new' craft room lol
Although I didn't rummage through too many of my 35 craft drawers (yes, 35... plus 17 boxes and 7 shelves lol), I did take the labels off the front of them telling me what was inside. And then I swapped a few drawers around thinking a new order would make more sense.
In all probability, it DOES make more sense... just not to the crafty cluttered mind that doesn't truly understand order.
Chaos can be so much easier ...

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

WOYWW #421 ?

I have been a bad WOYWW'er :( I had every intention of seeing everyone last week - especially after being the first to tickle Mr Linky. But alas, I did something stoopid instead. Not being able to sleep, I thought my craft-room could do with a tidy-up... so tidied I did. For FIVE days! I am now unable to move and aching in places I'd forgotten I had lol
Sadly, because of my daft idea that my crafting space needed to be tidy, I wasn't able to get to my computer to visit anybody, and my work-desk this week is somewhat lacking.
 Just a little wicker basket with some supplies for my next project, and some "twinkling H2O's" that I'm itching to try out... on what, I have no idea yet (the dog better scarper lol). My webcam is at the ready to record my new project for YouTube - in the totally unprofessional way that I do lol...
My tassels are hung above my desk, and lots of findings and metalware bits and pieces are close at hand in the little drawers. Hanging above the desk on the right is a little teddy and a plaque from my grand-babies... it says "Nans give the best HUGS".
Kitty-Belle, our middle cat, is LOVING the new space though.
She has full view of the window...
 Can stretch out on the floor...
 Has her own throne chair to sit on....
 Can poke her nose into my stamping baskets...
 See what's hidden behind my latest completed project...
 And survey the rest of the room from her vantage point :)
So that's my work-desk/crafting space/uncluttered-ish work-room this week.
I have no idea what week we are on for 
I thought it was week 421 this week and 420 last week - but Ms Julia has other ideas lol... as long as she is enjoying her time away, I guess it doesn't really matter lol
Pop on over to the Stamping Ground if you want to join in...
grab a number from Mr Linky (he likes to be tickled)...
and show off your work space :)

This week, I'm number 1 again! I'm shocked lol. Apparently, there's a definite plus-side to not being able to sleep early on a Wednesday morning :)
Have a fantastic Wednes-YAY! everyone :)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

WOYWW #420

Wednes-YAY!!! is here again :)
I've had a weird sort of week - and wasn't able to visit many desks last week - something I hope to rectify this week. I have had so much trouble with ordering online - so many hassles with lost orders, and orders that did arrive being wrong :( Still.. could be worse - I could be sat here in the middle of a heatwave, sweating in a tiddly tiny overstuffed craftroom too! Oh... wait... I AM lol
So, today my desk looks kind of sparse...
Not a lot going on here - mainly because of the problems I've had trying to locate 160gsm-180gsm gram A4 cream coloured cardstock. Not white, not pale orange, not winter-white, not yellow... just CREAM lol. If I wanted any less or more heavier paper/card, I'd be as happy as a piggy in mud - but, there seems to be a lack of what I need. My FIFTH attempt (or is it six now? I've lost count lol) of trying to locate the card I need to finish the incredibly ugly mini album sat atop my desk has been with HobbyCraft - so fingers crossed I'll finally have delivered what I need. Unfortunately, this won't be for the better part of a week, hence the lack of work going on here at my WORKdesk lol
A quick look around my room shows a lot less of tidiness and neatness...
... To the right there is a box of 'stuff' for the album that I might use, have used, or am thinking about. To the left behind me...
... more 'boxes of chaos'.
I did start tidying the room... then changed my mind. I blame the weather - it's just too darn hot to do anything!
Well, that's it from me for today. By the time you're reading this, I am hoping to be sat in the garden with a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade.
Only to add, that I believe Mr Linky is looking forward to getting his tickles every week, a bit too much now... but he is giving me number...  1. Seriously! I am first - for the first time ever lol. And it's not because I'm up bright and early, but because I haven't gone to bed yet - it's too hot! lol

Want to join in with
Pop on over to Julia's blog, the Stamping Ground, where all will be revealed :)
Until the next time... have a wonderful Wednesday to All!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

WOYWW #419

Wednes-YAY! is here again, time for the weekly nosey around the 'interweb' known as 

Wanna play? Go over to Ms Julia's site and give Mr Linky a tickle to get your number. Trust me, all is explained at the Stamping Ground. lol
Today I am number... 13.  Oer... not the first time I have been 'unlucky for some' number 13 - lucky for me I'm not too superstitious :)

So, what IS on my workdesk today (and last night too)?...
Umm... a bit of a mess actually lol
I am once again in the throes of album-making. Pages ready to be put together are in plastic sleeves, metal die-cuts are at the ready, ink is close by, and scraps of paper litter my work-space. I am, shockingly for me, NOT using black card-stock, and (even more shocking for me) have chosen a paper collection with a LOT of pink colours running though it.
Of course my coffee is at hand - sat on the windowsill where I hope it won't be spilled (again).
So that's it - hopefully short and sweet enough this week(I do tend to ramble on usually)

Here's hoping everyone has an amazing Wednesday :)

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

WOYWW #418

Firstly, huge apologies for not visiting everyone last week - my internet went down :( Hopefully, this week I'll join in fully for
Hosted by the wonderfully arty Ms Julia each week, you can find details on how to join in on her site here :) I gave Mr Linky a tickle Wednesday afternoon, and collected my number... 36
I am running very late again lol
Because I had no internet, I have been busy filming the tutorial for The Raven mini album that I have finally finished :) It's a haphazard affair, full of mistakes and forgetful moments - but I had fun filming it. Of course, this means my desk is a bit sparse this week...
The finished album is here, on it's stand with a bottle of ink (I made a new label for the bottle to tie it in with the album) and a feather quill in a pen stand. Ed and "you can call him Al" are perched happily beside the album, along with my new tape dispenser. I just thought a penny-farthing holder for sticky tape was such a good idea, I had to buy it lol. It's not actually such a brilliant tape dispenser... but it looks good.The rest of the desk is full of pressies and gifts...
My new OttLite has been brilliant - thank you so much for the recommendation Elizabeth (& Bluebeard). I have a new DVD/disc drive - a pressie from my lovely mum :) Hubby chose the cover for my desk - it's wipe-clean vinyl so I can remove the pet hair and kitty paw prints with ease :)
Lots of gifts this side of my desk - all from my daughter's best friend (thank you Louise!) - you can't see the shell very well, but trust me when I say that it is so gorgeous :)

So, that's my desk this week. 
I hope everyone has an amazing Wednes-YAY! 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

WOYWW #417

It is Tuesday evening... I am absolutely shattered... the grandchildren (all FOUR of them) have worn me out... but it is Wednes-YAY! tomorrow, and so I just have enough energy left to get my post read for the ultimate in nosiness, yes it is time for....

That little space at the back is only there because my laptop is being used to take the photographs lol
Yes, I AM a messy crafter  - I seem to have so many ideas at once that I like to have something out to remind me of those ideas. That plan doesn't actually work - I am so forgetful... but there IS craftiness in my messy desk, and that does make me happy :)

 Some of the papers I will be using in the 'Raven' album... I just have to wait for my new chipboard/greyboard shipment to arrive so I can decide on how to design the cover.
 Behind me to the left seems to be a bit messy too with stacks of paper and just 'stuff'. And coffee, of course... I so need my coffee. It is not on my desk any longer, because I had a mishap and spilled a freshly poured cup all over my desk and ruined a whole ton of papers and pages. So I've learnt my lesson and will be keeping my coffee out of the way of any projects I am working on. Until I forget that new rule, and probably end up spilling it again lol

Now... as mentioned, I have had a visit today from my grandbabies. My eldest, Lily, made me a surprise card, and she asked if I would show it on my desk for WOYWW. She made me absolutely promise to show the inside of the card so that (and I quote)..."every one will see how amazing you are and how much I love you". My heart melted... so here's my special card...

"Nonna...Ultra Genius, you know best, you know everything. Best Ever! From Lily"

And it is sat on my new acquisition... I finally got a new Fiskars paper trimmer :)
I also have my new OTTlite, and am loving them both.

Oh, just to say (in case any of you don't know)... my name is NOT Nonna -  it's just what my grandchildren call me, as I am the Nanny that says "NO!" lol. I have found that saying "NO!" earns me a little respect, and a whole lot of love as the grandkids (and my own children when they were growing up) knew their boundaries and felt safe.

Well, that's it for my Wednesday desk (as well as Tuesday, and probably Thursday too lol)

Have a happy and crafty Wednesday everyone!

Oops... nearly forgot my special gift from Mr Linky...
Today, after Mr Linky got his tickle, he gave me number... 31

Join in at: Stamping Ground
Learn about Mr Linky HERE

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

WOYWW #416

Wednesday has now been renamed... from now on I shall be calling it Wednes-YAY!!!
The once dull midweek has been perked up with the usual round-up of nosey-parkers taking part in 

Apologies again... my desk is uber-boring this week with nothing to show, save for a notepad and pencil.

And apologies also for the dim photograph :(
Tuesday evening and this is how my desk will stay for a few days. I'm making a new album - the Raven one - and I've decided that I will design each page first (- hence the pad and pencil) and figure out how I want it to look. Then I'll be preparing each page, and filming as I put it together.  The camera is still hovering over my desk - and it has been used already (see previous post), and the craft caddy is full of the bits and pieces I will be using when I start to make the album
If I hadn't used my laptop to take this photograph, you'd also note that the screen of said laptop is showing me watching Amazon Prime... well into the second season of Lucifer and I have to say that I am easily distracted and ever so slightly hooked lol
I do have another really good excuse for my slow rate of crafting and empty desk... I broke another bone! Left collar bone this time - thank goodness! Because I don't think the right side would have taken well to being broken again lol. Well, you got to laugh at my little mishaps - I told my mum that if I were a horse, I'd probably have been shot by now :D

Want to join in? Hop on over to the Stamping Ground, where our host Ms Julia will explain everything. Add your name to 'Mr Linky', get your number and you're off!
This week, I'm running late, and after giving Mr Linky a tickle, I am number 36 :)

Have a wonderful and productive Wednesday everyone!
I thought I'd put here that my daughter is currently at a work convention in Manchester - but thankfully she is okay and unharmed. Thoughts and prayers to all affected by this atrocity - but we WILL prevail and just get stronger.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Alice In Wonderland Mini Album

Yay...I finally figured out the webcam, editing software, and how to get a YouTube upload channel. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out the microphone settings, so the sound quality isn't good - but at least I did it - all on my own! lol

I've uploaded a few albums I had made in the past - but the Alice one is here.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

WOYWW #415

Time trundles on, and brings us all round once again to a Wednesday... the middle of the week where the only thing to look forward to is...


Get ready for the most boring WOYWW post that's ever been...
My desk is empty... well, sort of :)

I've finished the Alice Album after deciding against any extra 'flaffy' bits inside and so I've cleared my desk ready for the next project. EXCEPT...
I guess you can't help but notice the tripod sat jauntily on my desk, hovering over a blank workspace... I'm waiting for a new webcam, and the tripod is set up expectantly so I can mount the said new webcam (when it eventually arrives!) and record the albums I have made. It's got to be easier than taking photographs, surely? 
My ever-patient son has given me some links for the best video-editing software for absolute technophobes like his poor old mum (that would be me lol), and I'm hoping to get recorded and edited, and then uploaded before Friday. Stress on the "I'm hoping"" lol.

There's my WOYWW post - short and sweet this week from me (makes a change!)
Want to join in or figure out what we nosey-crafters do every Wednesday? Click on over to the Stamping Ground, where our Leader will reveal all.... lol

Happy Crafting, and a Beautiful Wednesday to ALL!

Oh... I'm number 22 this week :)

Friday, 12 May 2017

Album Closure

I finally decided on the closure for the mini. It was a tough choice because I really wanted to use the antique military buttons I have - but it didn't look quite right. So, after much thought and deliberation, I put together a chain and charm closure ...

As usual, I have overdone the charms - but I do so love the feel and the sound of them as I open up the album :)
So far there's a pendant, the rabbit, a key, a rose in a heart and a little dangly charm I made for the front of the closure. The pendant reads: "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop."
For the actual charm and chain closure, I managed to dig up the same chain as I'd used on the back of the suitcase. Here's the list of what's on that part:
  • Metal 'Eat Me' bottle with cake and small mushroom charms attached
  • Royal flush hand of cards with hand-made blue dangly charm
  • Large toadstool charm
  • Small pendant with Alice photo with a tiny key and padlock charms attached
  • Little pocket watch charm with hand-made blue dangly charm
  • Metal 'Drink Me' bottle with teapot and cup and saucer charms attached
Both the back and front are attached with a lobster clasp - just a tiny one at the back though. All the metal fasteners (including the ones I used for the corseted spine detail) are large ones bought online, and I daubed them with adirondack silver alcohol ink.

I have also decided that the inside covers of the actual mini album are going to be left plain... it's a nice size and will take quite a few photographs with ease - but the added bulk of detailed inner covers will possibly make the album just too hefty and unable to close comfortably.
I'll do a flip-through of the album and post some photographs - but still haven't decided on whether to add red embellishments to the pages... I think I'll wait until the rest of the stamps and dies I ordered arrive and then make up my mind :)

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Album Spine

The album spine is done - I knew I wanted a corseted ribbon design on it, but had no idea how to achieve this at all. So thank you YouTube and especially Scrap Queen :)
It's quite strange, but for all the hassle I've had trying to finish this album, now it's almost done I'm kind of missing the creativity of it already :) Maybe these last few tweaks and 'adds' will last a few weeks to get finished :)

A Special Day

I thought I'd add this here... today is a special day.
Twenty-three years ago, I got married to the most amazing man on the planet. I love him just as much now as I did then - only now that love is stronger. He is a wonderful father, protector, husband, grand-dad and friend.
Okay, so he isn't actually the perfect man... hes just the perfect man for me.

WOYWW #414

A welcome midweek hiatus is upon us nosey-parkers once again - yes, it's time for ...
(insert drum roll here... )

The two weeks previous, I was soooo good - visiting everyone who signed up on MrLinky at the Stamping Ground... and then last week I didn't manage a single visit :( So sorry to everyone for not managing a little peek at your desks and work spaces - but I do have a good excuse, honest! I actually lost a day or two. I have no idea what happened on Wednesday or Thursday last week - they have just disappeared from my life. The doctors are baffled (always a bonus when you can confuse a medic or two lol) but I am being lined up for tests to see if I am epileptic. Unfortunately, those tests aren't available until September! How ridiculous lol  Ah, well... never a dull moment, eh?!

So, explanation over, and I am back to my own desk this week.
I'm getting close to finishing the Alice album... and though it's taken a while, I have quite enjoyed it. I am making the four large 'tag'  inserts for the pockets, then it's just the cover to decorate.

I've had to rearrange my desk a little - well, the window sill. Kitty-Belle (our middle cat) has decided that the sill is HERS to sit upon, and if she doesn't get to perch her scraggy little bald bottom there to keep a watchful eye on the world outside, then it must be her mission in life to destroy my craft room instead. As you may also notice, I have gone back to using my Purple Cows guillotine. That Fiskars of mine is so old, the strip of foam that holds the paper in place has all but worn away, and the blade is so blunt it is about as much use as a chocolate teapot! 
 Centre-top of the picture you can also see an extra addition to my craft room... more on that later :)

 Here's a couple of the pages of the album... this one is mainly blue, with the gussets in the binding hinge and the reverse of the pocket tags being red. I'll be adding a few red embellishments later too - but the main album I really wanted to keep to a blue theme.

 Creating the four pocket tags... and as I am making little pull-tabs with small  intricate dies, I thought I would use my newest toy - the "Tool 'n One" from Spellbinders. It's to get all the little bits out of intricate dies easily. At last that's the theory. As you may notice, I went back to using my (very old) pokey tool and a pair of tweezers lol. I'm sure the "Tool 'n One" works really well in it's sideways-bottle-brush sort of way on larger dies - but for the littl'uns I'm sticking with what I know :) Also on my desk are some antique military buttons. I do love buttons! My Nan used to have a tin full of odd buttons of all shapes and sizes, and the sound it made was like heavy raindrops falling on a shack roof. I just like to hold the buttons in my hands and enjoy the sounds they make, and the feel of them. Little things please little minds lol Anyway, I digress as I reminisce on childhood memories... the buttons are there because they make brilliant album closures. Military buttons are best because they are metal, with the little metal loop at the back, and are pretty robust :)

 And here's the latest addition to my craft room. Meet 'Ed', and his friend 'You Can Call Me Al'. I have an obsession with ravens and crows (amongst a lot of other things lol) and this figurine I totally fell in love with. Not everybody's cup of tea, I know...
 But I adore them :)

Obviously, they are named because of the beautiful and haunting poem "The Raven" by EDgar ALlan Poe. I thought I was being clever lol

So, that's my little workdesk today. It's only left to add here that I am number 13 again this week :)

Many thanks to  the awesome Ms Julia for being our WOYWW host. Take a nosey around HER workdesk and see how to join in the nosiest fun on the crafty internet :)

Have a wonderful  Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

WOYWW #413

Today, I'm doing something a little different; not so much as to what is on MY workdesk, but rather what is on HIS workdesk - the 'his' in question being my wonderful hubby, Colin :)
He has a workspace in his shed where he potters about, fixing everything I break, making useful things out of rubbish and generally having fun taking his numerous motorbikes apart :)

 He's a busy man with so much on his workspace, there's actually little room for actual working - I have no idea how he does it! This is the aftermath of him making a fine net to help clean the fish pond in the garden - which is coming along quite nicely now :)
 When all the grass grows it will be lovely - with wild flowers growing in the bank around the pond. Here's hubby testing out his net - and it worked brilliantly (I had no doubt it would - hubby is so clever).

The lilac is just beginning to bloom, and the camellia is just finishing. The camellia has been over-abundant with flowers this year, and it's still blooming after the first bud opened way back in December!

So there it is - something different for my WOYWW this week :)
And, for my Mr Linky number... this week it's unlucky for some, number 13 :)
Want to join in the snooping? Hop on over to the Stamping Ground, where our ever-patient host, Ms Julia, will tell you how to play along.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, 1 May 2017


I thought I'd do a quickie post in between making the pages for the Alice album... 
I've been on a couple of shopping trips, and apart from a corner punch and the cheap papers at the £1 store, I think I managed to get everything I needed (and more!)
This photo was taken after my trip the The Range last Wednesday. This is just a small part of what was bought :) Papers, dies, more papers... another 'Frozen' embossing folder which I shall never use (I have two now lol). I think I'll make up a load of crafting goodies and then do a giveaway on my 500th post or something similar.

This little haul was from an unexpected trip to Pickwell Farm. I really wanted a branch-shaped die and found the Tim Holtz one at a bargain price. Those three dies were just £2 each! The spray was £1 and that paper (that I have already used in the Alice album) was in a box marked "3 for £1" -so I grabbed a load :) The flowers will be perfect for the Poe/Raven album, so they were snapped up too :) I also bought other papers, ribbon, lace, chocolate, fruit, and a load of other crafting goodies. Look, chocolate is an essential crafting item, okay? lol
Pickwell Farm is right next to our local pub (well, a mile and a half walk), so I left hubby nursing a pint, 'borrowed' £20 from his wallet and sauntered off to see what goodies I could buy at Pickwell :) I bumped into a couple of people, and had a lovely chat. The only 'downside' was that I didn't manage to spend the whole £20 lol

So... there's the result of my shopping trips, and I now have to find space in which to stuff my recent purchases. The album is coming along slowly, so I shall get back to that now - page 3 is done and I'm thinking about page 4. I'm taking a LOT of inspiration from Scrap Queen, and I'll try and get some piccies up soon :)