Sunday, 9 October 2011

Friday Craft Club

The Friday morning craft club was a very pleasant morning... I had prepped quite a lot before I went, so I got a lot done on the mini-album for the Christmas Cottage.
The ladies at the Church Hall were all lovely and extremely welcoming... though it was a bit different from our monthly craft-nights at Pickwells. I can only describe the morning as somewhat more sedate than the evenings at Pickwells... less raucous and therefore, more productive :)
But, as I said... it was a very pleasant morning. The organiser has a 'show table' where members can show off their latest completed projects, and also a 'giveaway table' where members can give away the items they don't want or need any longer... the brilliant plus side to this being that you can also pick whatever you'd like from the 'giveaway table' too.
So... I shall definitely be going again... if they'll have me :) At one point, I had a sneezing fit that just had to be let out - and I was a bit loud (especially being inside a lovely echoing hall!). If I'd kept in those sneezes and tried to be ladylike and a bit genteel, I would have had a Tena-moment!

Quick 'No Comment' Update:
28 blog entries commented on... and not a single problem. Could it be that Blogger have finally sorted out the mystery of he disappearing comments...??? Dun Dun Duuuuuuun.....


Di said...

So funny about the 'almost' Tena moment - bet that brightened the morning up :) Di xx

misteejay said...


Not sure Blogger is fixed...think it is just having a slightly better spell - I have a handfull of blogs I visit all the time that are still very hit-n-miss when trying to leave comments.

Toni xx

dawn said...

hooray for a happy working blogger, so much easier for you!!