Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What a mess!

I have just spent over two hours catching up on people's posts, and commenting on them ... TWO HOURS!!! There has got to be a qicker way to do this *lol*

Just before my mammoth 'commenting' session, I decided to colour a blue chiffon ribbon purple.
A note to everyone (in the hope that Hubby doesn't read this *lol*) Shimmerz Spritz stains white painted walls. Oopsie.
It also seems to stain hands. Double 'oopsie'.
I just had my nails done too, and purple Shimmerz is all under my thumbnail :(
Triple 'oopsie'.
I wonder if I can sneak downstairs, get the shed keys, open the shed (that door hates me, and refuses to open without breaking at least one finger-nail, and with at least four expletives!), find the light switch (break another nail), root around under the workbench (minimum damage: four more broken finger-nails), and hopefully find the white paint. Drag the found paint out from under the bench (one more broken nail - possibly two... and two expletives), make sure I don't accidentally lock the cat in the shed as I close it up, and trip over the dog who will have curiously followed me closely (another nail gone!). Sneak upstairs - missing the creaky one so not to disturb Hubby, open the tin (oops - last nail broken!), and paint the tiny little patch of faded purple on my wall....? Nah... easier just to hide the Shimmerz, and hope Hubby doesn't notice. And if he does, I'll blag my way out of it... it was obviously a stain that seeped through the paint. Right?


Scattychick said...

lol makes me glad I don't have long nails :) I have given up trying to comment on every blog it takes too long and I don't follow that many lol. Thank you for the lovely comment on mine I am going to print it off to show my mum as she keeps insisting Kari is just like me but now I can blame her cheekiness on my mum :D

Craftgirl said...

Deffo a stain that seeped through the paint.I will back you up. Heheh. Thanks for the giggles too.

Carol x

misteejay said...

Promise not to breath a word...LOL

Could you not get a little tester pot of said paint to keep in the craft room for those 'oops' moments - much easier to hide than a complete tin.

Toni xx