Thursday, 6 October 2011

No Comment!

Grrr! Blogger! You're really annoying me now!
I've been leaving comments on a few blogs... thank you so much to everyone who 'blogs' amazing posts - many of you are an inspiraton, quite a few are an absolute hoot... and you're all brilliant. I've managed to get round to trying to post  42 comments on various blogs....
So... here's to the blogs that blogger wouldn't allow me to post a comment on this evening:

Ooooh... NEVER admit to possibly having enough stash! *lol* Beautiful papers on your desk this week - love it all!

Yet another amazing creation! I love how you can use flowers and swirls, and yet this is still a very 'boy', masculine, layout.

Okay, so 2 out of 42 isn't really that bad... but copying each and every post, waiting to see if it has actually appeared on the comments list, and then trying again if it hasn't really does take a LONG time *lol* Not much done for the mini-album for the Christmas Cottage tonight then :)


dawn said...

sorry your blogger isn't working, that is a pain. Sometimes it does that for me too. Glad you could leave me a comment though, love reading your comments. Especially makes my day since I don't have many crafty things to show like your awesome ideas. I do have plenty of photos and stories and fun though and that counts too right!!??
I think you should try a monthly menu if you don't like doing it weekly. It was such a pain doing it every week, couldn't stand it and feeding my kids is hard to do. I actually looked at our activities schedule/soccer/braces and planned around those nights and I think it's going to make life much easier for me. I will let you know for sure in a month.
Have a great week and thanks again for always sharing.

misteejay said...

(((hugs))) so frustrating isn't it - it has just taken eight mins to get into Blogger **grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr**

Toni xx

Sian said...

Blogger really need to get this sorted out. I've had this happen to me too and it is very frustrating