Thursday, 13 October 2011

What Is A Loo Roll Mini?

After my last post, I've been asked "What is a Loo Roll Mini?"
Also known as:
LRMA (Loo Roll Mini Album)
TP Mini (Toilet Paper roll Mini album)
CTM (Cardboard Tube Mini album)

... and probably a few other names I don't know. I noticed it on You-Tube (mostly known as TP Mini's there), and loved the idea of recuyling something usually thrown away... but still feel a bit squeamish about the whole "re-using empty toilet paper tubes". Still, I usually have a stack of toilet paper that I use in my craft room... so that's a bit more hygienic :) OR you could just make your own cardboard 'tubes' from a good quality Kraft paper... or even cut up any longer cardboard tube. Each 'page' is made by flattening the tube, and this also makes a pocket to slip a tag or two into.
My first attempt was with faux-cardboard tubing (I made the 'tubes' after measuring the only toilet roll  remaining after Hubby had a cleanup *lol*) can be found here.
Have a quick look around You Tube... type in "TP Mini" into the search bar, and see what you find!
Have Fun!


misteejay said...

When I think of all the things Blue Peter had us making out of loo roll tubes...

My problem when using them for mini albums has always been getting them to stay flat - usually resort to bone folder and a stack of encyclopedias LOL

Thanks for the lovely comments - I admit I'm not a fan of holographic card either but I'm trying to be good and use up stash...and as you say, it 'works' on the snow card.

Toni xx

Craftgirl said...

First I have heard of these. I have some kitchen roll ones which I guess you could cut down. Off to youtube now then.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Di said...

Oooer, interesting. Yet another inspiration from you honey! Di xx

Scattychick said...

It is worth thinking about using kitchen roll or wrapping paper tubes my best friend made her twins 2 teachers one each at the end of last school year filled with the boys thoughts about what they had learnt and what they liked about their teachers etc etc. One of the teachers was over the moon with it but the other one said it was unhygenic and threw it away! I would have gone mental if it was me after all that hard work and thoughtfullness.

Dawn said...

I have made these in the past, being brought up with Blue Peter in the UK no stigma at all in using a loo roll ha ha About you skinny cat, I had exactly the same problem with my cat this year she went very thin and fussy I have had her nurtured as well but she was still painfully thin although very active. I am happy to say this must be part of having kittens she will soon start popping the pounds back on when her kittens stop feeding off her She has gained lots of weight now and is supper happy and still play with her 6mth kittens. I did find she would rather drink a lot of kitten milk than food and I new she was getting all the nutrition she needed also try a raw egg (no more than one a day) lots of protein not only for her but the kittens too. So don't worry too much. Love Dawn xx

Sian said...

Yes - there was a bit of a row in school here one year when one of the teachers told the kids to stop bringing empty rolls in for craft projects.

Again, I'm another Blue Peter child and don't really think about it

Glen said...

Thanks for the interpretations Sheleen. *Ü* Will go check YT out when I have finished preps and partying!
BTW. I have emailed you regarding a MS punch and am wondering if you received it. ;) TFS. ~Glen~

sutty said...

Yep I have heard of them, tho I think I should re-look up the videos too - they are a fab idea :)

dawn said...

This is all new to me, thank you for the tips and WOW even videos on them. Sounds fun!