Friday, 12 May 2017

Album Closure

I finally decided on the closure for the mini. It was a tough choice because I really wanted to use the antique military buttons I have - but it didn't look quite right. So, after much thought and deliberation, I put together a chain and charm closure ...

As usual, I have overdone the charms - but I do so love the feel and the sound of them as I open up the album :)
So far there's a pendant, the rabbit, a key, a rose in a heart and a little dangly charm I made for the front of the closure. The pendant reads: "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop."
For the actual charm and chain closure, I managed to dig up the same chain as I'd used on the back of the suitcase. Here's the list of what's on that part:
  • Metal 'Eat Me' bottle with cake and small mushroom charms attached
  • Royal flush hand of cards with hand-made blue dangly charm
  • Large toadstool charm
  • Small pendant with Alice photo with a tiny key and padlock charms attached
  • Little pocket watch charm with hand-made blue dangly charm
  • Metal 'Drink Me' bottle with teapot and cup and saucer charms attached
Both the back and front are attached with a lobster clasp - just a tiny one at the back though. All the metal fasteners (including the ones I used for the corseted spine detail) are large ones bought online, and I daubed them with adirondack silver alcohol ink.

I have also decided that the inside covers of the actual mini album are going to be left plain... it's a nice size and will take quite a few photographs with ease - but the added bulk of detailed inner covers will possibly make the album just too hefty and unable to close comfortably.
I'll do a flip-through of the album and post some photographs - but still haven't decided on whether to add red embellishments to the pages... I think I'll wait until the rest of the stamps and dies I ordered arrive and then make up my mind :)

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