Friday, 20 August 2010

Picture Perfect

Another old photograph was used here – my wonderful Hubby, sat at Lepe Beach (I think) in 1995. He's always been an avid photographer, and his enthusiasm rubbed off on me very quickly when we first started dating, and we never went anywhere without a camera or two (or sometimes three or four!).All the papers used are from a pad of My Minds Eye, and I used pale blue, grey, and olive green thread for a LOT of stitching. The triangle shapes around the photograph are supposed to look a bit like a camera shutter – though Hubby says it looks a bit like a flower, and my eldest daughter Naomi said that they looked like (and I quote): “Cool sabre tooths”. I highlighted the swirly stitching and also the triangle pieces in black pen. There are a lot of mistakes in this layout, but not so terrible as to be glaringly obvious, so I can live with it as it is. I do find male layouts very difficult to do, and I do like to try something a little different-looking with each one I try... I really like the way this one turned out.
Usually I make layouts with the mindset that I'm making memories interesting for future generations... this layout however, was done for purely selfish reasons. My husband and I hadn't been married quite a year, and we had taken a day trip to the beach with our baby daughter. The camera he's using is a favourite of mine – he gave it to me shortly after this photo was taken. I loved days like those – blowy and blustery, but so much fun just being together. The photograph brings back such vivid memories, and I wanted to make a layout with it just for me.

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