Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ooh... cherries!


Karen passed this award onto me with the most wonderful words - I'm quite chuffed!
There are 5 conditions to accepting this lovely token of appreciation:
1.) That I thank the person who gave me my award!

2.) That the receiver places it on their blog

3.) Receiver lists 3 things about themselves

4.) Receiver posts a picture that they love

5.) Tag 5 people to pass the award onto, and to keep it going.

Well, THANK YOU!!!! to Karen  - you really have to pop by her blog and see the crafting she does - clean, simple and beautiful  - with an eye for colour that is just outstanding! Put that together with her fantastic family and the fact that this brave woman can SKATE... well, you have a superwoman there :)
Of course the award is posted proudly :)
Oh, my... three things about Okay - firstly, I was born at home, and have never lived anywhere else but Southampton, always close to my brother and parents (who I adore totally). Secondly (and most importantly) I LOVE Christmas! The tree and decorations go up November the first, but they come down Boxing Day (if the cat hasn't ripped everything apart by then *lol*)  and Christmas represents Family to me - the most important thing in my life. Last but not least... the very first time I met my husband, I told him I would marry him (we had one date and he proposed - it's such a sweet story that I won't bore you with *lol*)

Oh dear, a picture I love...  just one? *lol* I am the keeper of our family history - so I have so many photographs that I love to look at so often. I guess this one is a personal favourite...

It's not a great photo (I was once a professional photographer, and have some amazing photographs...) but this one is special to me as it's all my children together and happy - it's so difficult getting them all in one place at one time! The photograph is over fifteen years old now - I am feeling old all of a sudden *lol*

Now for the five others to recieve this lovely award.

Everyone should visit 'It's All A FiddleFart' - what Helen can do with her amazing bargains is enough to make you green with envy!
I could never forget Sian, from her little room High In The Sky - partly because she read the same book as me and reminded me of it and bought back some lovely memories (Miss Happiness and Miss Flower)... but mostly because her creations are so beautiful and she has a wicked sense of humour :)
Alana at The Little Blue Shed makes the kind of cards I really wish I could - they are so perfect! Also, we took almost identical photographs of ourselves - even down to the pink woolly hat. Okay, that may seem a bit creepy - but it was strangely funny :) She scrapbooked her picture first so I haven't done mine yet (only because it won't turn out as good as hers did *lol*).
Karen has some Tales Of The ScrapHeap... but it's wonderful to go read her blog. She's got a wonderful family and is always happy - maybe this is the reason her crafting is just so good?
Last but not least, Anita has some Inky Blossom she'd like to share ;)  She has a creative streak a mile wide, and you just have to see her layouts!

Oh, I wish I could list at least another ten more :(


Sian said...

Thank you so much've made my day with your lovely words! I always enjoy coming over here to see your own beautiful creations - and now I know you are a fellow Christmas fan too, I'll be looking forward to some special festive projects (I'm sure you've got one or two..)

Karen said...

Thank you Sheleen - what a lovely surprise. I love your creations too and what's this about special Christmas creations/projects? I shall certainly be keeping an eye on this blog xxx

Karen said...

Thank you for your kind words i am glas you enjoyed your award and I love your photo choice and it's always nice to learn about people isn't it? Karen x