Saturday, 28 August 2010

Catching Up!

I have been spending so much time the last couple of days re-posting an old blog of mine. Not that posting it takes the time, but reading what I was up to five years ago has been an eye-opener, as well as eating up the hours! I was a severe agoraphobic at the time (still am, but cope better with it now), and had a unique sense of humour. I loved writing a blog every day - or in this case it appears several times a day! *lol* I do miss it, and may start again as well as redoing a Christmas recipe blog (if I can find the recipes stowed away in piles of paper and clutter on top of the fridgefreezer). Anyway, I DID have time to do a little stash shopping (don't we ALWAYS have time for that ladies?) and bagged a couple of bargains. Hobbycraft had a cute little cuddly toy dog in his own 'decorate-it-yourself' wooden kennel for just £2.49. Better still, at The Range I managed to pick up some Zutter Perfect Closures for just 99p!
Of the four different kinds that are usually available, I managed to get three - they had none of the silver lock and keys design, and only one of the brass coloured lock and keys design left. I may even go back and buy some more... it's the kind of thing that will definitely come in useful one day. Apparently this range of products has been discontinued - there were a lot of papers too - Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen and Laura Ashley designs, as well as the tins of Laura Ashley embellishments. The more I think about it, the more I just know I shall be at The Range tomorrow morning stash diving like a woman possessed - I can't resist a bargain :)


Sian said...

Sheleen, I took a quick look at your old blog and I'm saving the rest up for another day with more time - I think it's fantastic that you managed to save and repost it and I'm looking forward to a really good read (I did get as far as the 80's Goth thing - yes, I went through a black phase then too.)

Helen said...

Oh my life, I've been after those Zutter closures ever since they came out, but I was tight with my money ..... can't believe you got such a bargain .... and I was in Telford Range yesterday!!! Aghhhhhh