Monday, 16 August 2010

Gorgeous Giveaway

I don't usually go in for blog candy/giveaways (I've never been one to 'win' anything like this)... but this one was a bit hard to resist - I got distracted by pretty flowers and funky alphabets, and before I knew it I was adding a comment and following Tracie's Blog. To be honest, I'd be a follower there anyway - creative designs with understandable explanations on how Tracie got the effects on her layouts. Anyways, pop along, be a follower, add a comment, and... er, no... best not to do all that - gives me less of a chance of getting my grimy mitts on that lovely stash! *lol*

Tracie's Gorgeous GiveAway!


misteejay said...

You're probably safe, as you don't appear to have put a link to Tracie's blog LOL

Toni :o)

Bubbles said...

Flippin' blogspot... didn't want to accept the link. Should be sorted now :D

Karen said...

Thanks for the link to Tracie's blog because from there I found the lovlieness that is the Sassafras lass blog xxxx