Saturday, 28 August 2010

Another Flower Tutorial...

Yes, another flower tutorial. Really, most paper flowers used in scrapbooking are made in the same way – we just change petal shapes, or petal numbers and such things tomake different flowers. One of my bargains today was a 6x6 Laura Ashley paper pad (Love Song), and I used some of this paper to make my flowers. First, quarter your 6x6 sheet to make four 3x3 paper squares. Take one of the smaller squares and fold it in half and then into thirds – making a 1/6th pie shape (well, if it was a circle, it would be a pie shape – but I'm guessing you ladies know exactly what I mean).
Now cut out your petal shape. Do this again to two others of the squares (or do the same to all four, if you like), making each subsequent flower shape slightly smaller than the previous one – but not too much of a difference.
Unfold your petals to show your flower shapes- it doesn't matter if any look a bit wonky – in fact, all the better! Now spray the flowers with glimmer mist or something similar (I used a mixture of water, mica powder, gum arabic and crimson water paint). Next you'll need some paint – I use block water colour paint – and using the glimmer mist as a watering down agent, paint the edges of each petal – you don't have to be an expert artist for this, just dab on a bit of colour and then blend it a bit towards the middle. Dry with a heat gun – but still leave damp.

Take a pair of long tweezers or a hairclip – something you can hold each petal with and twist carefully. If a petal tears, don't get worried as this can add to the effect and look quite pretty... but try and be a little careful as you don't want lots of tears. Now dry your flowers with a heat gun. It's easiest to hold the gun steady into the centre of the flower and dry this part first as the petals will curl up slightly and make a slight cup shape. Dry the flowers well. The heat gun will set the colour and also make the paper slightly brittle so it will hold it's shape really well.

Now all you have to do is layer up your blooms – largest as the base, working up to the smallest. I have done these with 7 layers, and they look amazing! Just remember to set each layer on top of the other with the petals NOT directly above each other – off set the petals to the space between the petals of the lower bloom.

If using just three or four layers, it's nice to have something sparkly in the middle – a fancy brad, button – or I use a small rose. I used to make these tiny roses, but it's much easier (and almost as cheap) to buy them ready made. If you spray them a little and water colour the edges of the petals, they will 'loosen' as you dry them with a heat gun and open up a bit – this look is just my personal preference for the centre of the flower I made. Now it's up to you... stickle it, glitter it, emboss the edges – anything to make the flower 'yours' – and then stick it to something pretty!

Happy Crafting!

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