Monday, 23 August 2010

Bird Cage

I shall probably be told that this has been done already, but I'll post anyway...
I've been getting back to basics and trying to create my own embellishments for layouts, and had this idea after receiving my Avon delivery. I had ordered a bird cage necklace - I'm so into bird cages, I love them! - and when it arrived I knew that I'd love to create something on a layout based around a bird cage that really stood out. I have a stamp, but I wanted something more three dimensional. Please bear in mind that this was made in about five minutes, and it's just a basic idea. Although this is just mounted on a card right now, it's easily removed (held on just by the five brads) and I thought it would be fun to cut out a small bird shape, maybe add some little flowers and branches, etc., onto a layout, and then place this birdcage over the top of them - flowers and branches sticking out of the bars. This basic template is approximately ten centimetres when made into the three dimensional model. I'd like to see just how small I could make this, and have an idea of having three across a layout, this size being the biggest, and the smallest possibly about five centimetres in height. It starts off so simply - an easy shape to cut out, though I'm wondering what would be best to use to harden it slightly after it's been made to make it a little more durable.

Well, that's my basic idea... hope it's liked by a few people :)

I'll be posting a quickie tutorial on some flowers I made today - really easy blooms that can look really effective... so until then... Happy Scrapping!


Anita said...

This is brilliant, I haven't seen this before at all, you clever thing you.xx

misteejay said...

Great idea.

Have you thought of sticking the paper to Grunge paper to give it a bit more "body" or perhaps you could coat it in Glossy Accents to harden it.

Toni :o)

Sian said...

Clever idea! I'm starting to think that I could go back to the pink page I posted yesterday and add a real birdcage :)

Karen said...

Brilliant bird cage - love all your creative ideas.