Friday, 6 August 2010

My Brother, The Superhero!

Is it a bird...? Is it a plane...? Is it faster than a speeding train...? Well, actually, No...
It's my brother in a muscle suit (probably slightly inebriated *lol*) posing outside a police station. Anything for laughs! But he's ALWAYS been my superhero - that's what little sisters always think of their big brothers, isn't it?
I used all plain cardstock, and a lot of punched stars to decorate as well as co-ordinating stitching in red, blue and grey. The stripey band is all hand done, using copic pens (thanks to my sone for letting me borrow them)on grey paperstock.
I spent hours cutting out images of superheroes, and ended up using none of them - as usual, my first idea of how this layout should be bears no resemblance to the end product - but I think what I did get in the end is a more light-hearted feel of my usual style, with circles instead of swirls! I actually find making male-orientated layouts quite difficult (I guess I just like ribbons and flowers too much *lol*), but I'm quite pleased with this one.

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