Sunday, 29 August 2010

More Flowers!

I just couldn't wait to post a photo or two of the flowers I'd made this evening - in fact, so impatient was I that if you look closely, you'll see the glue is still wet on them! I used the Laura Ashley papers again - some of them are 'felted' - but this time I painted the white backs and used the pattern side upward facing - though I still used water colour paint on the front too. I tried leaving the centrewithout the rose, and instead put some white stamens in the centre - it did look nice, but I preferred the effect the roses gave.
I made five of the reddish brown design in all, and used so little of the paper - four layers to each bloom, so only one 6x6 sheet for each flower. A small admission here... at the moment I think I am preferring making these flowers than I am to creating a scrapbook page for them! BUT I do want to use them on a layout, so I'm pretty sure I'll be scrapping before the Bank Holiday is finished with.

I also made some small pink flowers using four-petal blooms. These were made in the same way, using the dampened paper technique and twisting the paper to make the folds before setting it with a heat gun. The paper used was softer - almost like a handmade or mulberry paper, and I'm not sure if the shape will hold as well as the larger flowers I made. The colouring was inked onto the edges of the petals instead of using watercolour, and then sprayed with water to allow the ink to run.The stamens are simple pushed through a hole made with a cocktail stick, and then hot-glued down with a small circle of card stock to hold it in place. Hope you like them... I know I do :)

Well, that's me finished for the night... Happy Crafting!


Karen said...

Beautiful flowers - I really must give them a try.

Sian said...

Your creativity continues to amaze me :) I love the detail you put into everything.