Saturday, 12 January 2013

Post-Holiday Humdrum

Christmas is over... and NOW we have snow forecast...?! How typical! Well, seeing as I live on a very sheltered part of he coast, the likelihood of it actually laying snow anywhere near me will be pretty remote.
I had been taking photographs ready to write some posts over the Holiday season... but time just ran away from me! We had a huge houseful on 'The Day', and yet I still managed to cook enough for everyone to eat a full plated dinner for three days in a row! Christmas Eve was a scream! My daughter and (hopefully-soon-to-be-) son-in-law came over and arranged a 'pass-the-parcel', with "Truth Or Dare" notes in between layers of wrapping... At one point, Hubby was barking like a dog to the tune of 'White Christmas', whilst Dan (son-in-law) was showing us all the face he'd make if he recieved a pressie he didn't like, and I had to admit what the worst present I'd ever bought was.
I've still been working around the house, and have started making scrapbooking boxes and albums again... Yay!
Here's the boxes I finally finished for the shelves I painted in the bedroom:

The only problem was that I had a lot of leftover chipboard bits that were 5x12" and 7x12"... so I used all the leftover bits and started to make a new box and album... I'm really pleased with this one - it's a grandfather clock, that will actually have a working clock in it... I'm so excited!



Di said...

Coo, fabulous - love the shelves and can't wait to see the finished clock! Hugs, Di xx

misteejay said...

Sounds like you had the most fun/family Christmas ever.

Love those shelves and the clock is looking good too - like Di, I can't wait to see the finished item.

Happy New Year to you & yours.

Toni xx