Thursday, 13 December 2012


Guess who got to go and see Santa Clause today? ME!
Of course, I had to drag the grandchildren with me so as I wouldn't look silly standing in the queue with hundreds of little kids screeching for the Man himself... but we all know the visit was just for me really :)
The kids got the gifts... and I got to have hugs from the real Father Christmas... really is him *lol*
He smelled like pine trees and christmas cake... and I could have quite happily stayed snuggled into his fur trimmed coat for a few hours - without the grandkids though *lol*
Next year, however, I shall not have orange hair, and hopefully be back to a more natural, blonder look.

I'm so excited though...
I saw Santa


Elizabeth said...

Lovely photograph and Santa is perfect :) Elizabeth

Di said...

Great photo and it's true, Santa looks absolutely the part - great piccie of you too! I think I must have been away in Germany and offline so I missed this one in December. Hugs, Di xx