Monday, 28 January 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I have been so busy crafting, that I haven't had time in the last few days to blog anything. But that's a good thing, right? My mojo has returned from vacation with a zing, and I'm raring to go, firing on all cylinders :) I'm making some of the items that will sit inside the new clock case I've finished (yes, I've actually finished the case now) - starting with the 'mini' book.
Trouble is, I'm a messy crafter... as my mid-flow workdesk will show:
What a disaster area! Still, it does show just how 'tight' I can be... and maybe quite inventive too :) I don't have a craft-sheet (and think they are so over-priced too!), instead I have a large cork coaster that my mum was going to throw away, slipped into a plastic bag that some 12x12 papers came in. I can blend inks into papers so easily, and wipe up any mess left on the plastic covering with a baby wipe ready to use again and again :) I even keep the babywipe in a plastic bag so that is stays dampened for longer, so I can use it for days :)
Now I need to find a way of making cheap blending sponges...
I'm even trying to make my workspace a bit more 'green'... by having a recycling bin as well as a 'normal' bin in my craft room. Any bits of discarded card or paper large enough to recycle are promptly placed into the correct bin. Cardboard packaging is stripped of  sellotape and sticky labels and recycled (or given to hubby to re-use for his E-Bay hobby). I'm trying to use little bits of paper leftovers on my mini-book pages... and toying with the idea of turning tiny scraps into whole new sheets of paper - though I have no idea how difficult or easy (or messy!) this may be.
So, what's your crafty-frugality? How do you save money - or the planet - with your hobby?

I'd love to know of any tips and tricks - time to share!

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Sian said...

Great question! I am currently using a CD case as a stamping block because I'm too stingy to buy a proper acrylic one, does that count?