Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Oh, Men!

I had to share this...
A few days ago, here I was sat typing away, when I was distracted by something flying in front of my face. I turned in my chair, but could see nothing - maybe just a trick of the eye then? I carried on typing... well, for a couple of words anyway... it was then that I realised my "T" key from the computer keyboard was missing. Yes, it was my "T" that had flown across my vision. Do you know how hard it is typing without a proper "T"? I wondered as I typed what words I can use to replace words with a "T" in them... and it's so slow when there's no "T" and just a little rubber nipple instead. You realise that the English language is littered with way too many words containing the letter "T"! It's a conspiracy - or a conspiraTy :)
I complained to hubby - dropping a few hints that maybe I needed a new computer with a "T" that worked? Hubby needs the hint to be wrapped around a brick and aimed at his head to notice it. Still, he went shopping that evening, came home and put the shopping away then came upstairs to my craft room.
"I've got a surprise for you" he said.
Oh...oh...ohhhhh.... my mind raced, I held my breath, and waited for him to step inside my crafting haven with a new laptop in his hands.
"There you go" he said as he placed his gift on my workdesk.
It was a cup of tea.
Yes, hubby really can't take a hint. He thought I had been complaining that I couldn't work without a TEA... not a "T" key.
It was a nice cuppa though :)

Right, I have wittered and whined enough... time to get ready for a trip to HobbyCraft. Oh, the temptation is going to be so great - will I resist the Graphic45 papers, the punches, and the carrot cake from Haskins next door?
I only need sticky dots and small magnets... but what will find it's way into my basket before I get to the till?


Sian said...

This gave me a laugh today! I have a missing key which my husband swore he would be able to fit back on again..and it's been missing so long now I don't even know what it is. Though I guess that means I'm not missing it lol

misteejay said...

I feel for you...after a recent mishap with my mobile and a cup of coffee I know how impossible it is to phone or text anyone without the "0 - space" key so it must be awful trying to type without a "T".

Now that trip to HobbyCraft...umm...if the "Place in Time" Graphic45 pad was to jump into your basket I wouldn't tell - honest! It is such a lovely collection.

Toni xx

MaryH said...

Hi Bubbles, and thanks for the sweet comment you left. So I popped over to your blog, and had a good chuckle reading your post! I understand about the "T" ...our keyboards keep losing the letters on the key,(guess we must have 'something' in our skin that causes this, as it's happened to a couple keyboards. I can function w/o the letter being there, as it's how I learned to type, but DH is a hunt & pick user. I can just imagine not having the 'T" cap on the key!!! TEE HEE. Loved the bit about him bringing you a cup of tea though. Hey, he was trying to be sweet. Mens are from Mars???or something like that! Again, thanks for the visit, and I'll look around for a place to join & come back again.