Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Need Some Crafty Advice Please?

I've been thinking about this clock I'm making - well, more about what I'm going to put in it, and I'd like some advice on some ideas - whether they're any good or not?
Seeing as I have several compartments inside the clock, maybe I could make an 8x8" scrapbook to go inside, with a year planner and then pens and pencils?
Or how about a large calendar and an address book?
OR... I could use it as a sort of writing set... address book and/or letters I have recieved (mainly from my Aunt Lorna) and make a scrap album with photocopies of the letters and the news we swap?
So... what do you think - or are there any other ideas out there that might be better?
You see, my problem really is that I make all these albums and then I don't use them. I use my pink and brown Christmas House album... and I gave away my large A Chest Full Of Memories to my LouLous on her birthday last year. Apart from those two, all other creations are unused - and I want to be able to use this clock as it could look fantastic in several of my rooms at home.

So please... put me out of my misery - help me decide what to do?


Sandra said...

How about some more family tree/heritage based. The idea of a clock just makes me think of Father Time and looking back

Elizabeth said...

I like the Aunt Lorna's letters scrap album idea - something you would appreciate now but it's also something that the younger generation would enjoy, and find fascinating, in the future. Elizabeth xx