Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What Kind Of Woman Am I?

This is NOT a crafting post :)
I was just sat here, thinking to myself...
"Am I a 'behind-the-bike-sheds' kinda gal... or more of an 'up-the-treehouse' adventurer"?
Either way, it's probably best in either situation that I don't have egg-nog, as I'm likely to throw up. Maybe a gin & bitter lemon, a Sheridans or a Baileys?
If you think this is all a bit random, but still enjoy a smile, then I suggest you take a quick trip over to Pixies place and get involved! Make friends with her pals, and join the gang :)
Gosh, I haven't giggled so much in ages!
Up a tree house, indeed! Not with my head (or lack of) for heights... I'll just stand look-out :)

And a quick Congraulations to Di... wow, 800 posts (plus)!
You'll wear your fingers out!

1 comment:

misteejay said...

I did chuckle when I read the comments about Tree houses & Bike sheds on the previous post...I think you would make a super lookout LOL

Toni xx