Saturday, 19 January 2013


I am no longer an Ikea-Virgin!
Hubby took me there today so that I could buy a few storage boxes for the craft room. It's been so messy here, that I wanted something co-ordinating and big to store away (read: "hide") all my little bits and pieces.
I also decided to finally have my scrapbooks ready at hand. They have always, up till now, been kept in a cupboard downstairs... and it feels great to have them handy where I can look through them whenever I want to now.
So... a piccie of what the shelves used to be like...
Violet making good use of any space available for her to snuggle up in and sleep - though I can't imagine it was too comfortable!
I bought just plain black boxes, and because they were quite big (!) I used some luggage tags I had, and wrote on them what was inside the boxes.
I bought enough boxes to store all the jewellery making items I have too,
and I also used a couple more for 1:12th dolls house items and for bits and bobs (shown in the previous post).

I think that Ikea could be fun, as long as you're not looking (in the wrong area) for something specific, and you weren't on a time limit. I found it quite stressful, being my first time.... but I am going back next week just for fun!

Actually, I was a little bit of a rebel in Ikea. For anyone who's never been, I will explain that there are huge arrows painted on the floor, and this is what you follow to get around, only being allowed to divert off the path if you come to a designated 'shortcut'. Now I don't know how they do it in Scandinavia, but I was quite offended at being told which direction I must walk around and browse a shop in... so I purposefully went against the arrows. I felt quite naughty! *lol*. Me and Hubby wandering around as we pleased whilst everyone else kept to the 'proper' direction, following those darned arrows!

Next week, I shall use the restaurant as a shortcut... it's not a designated shortcut, so I may get into trouble *lol* They can't really ban me though... I have family working there :) Not that I'd put it past certain family members trying to ban me anyway *rofl*

So... here's hoping you're all having a fantastic weekend - enjoying the snow (if you have any) and not suffering because of it.
Happy Crafting, peoples :)


Sandra said...

I truly thought that every home had something from IKEA in it, maybe you were the only one left lol. I take my hat off to you going on a Saturday, I'm guessing it was busy. I really enjoy visiting IKEA, can't say the same for my hubby lol

Bubbles said...

Oh, Sandra... because people were worried about the icyness on the roads, our city centre was practically deserted! Ikea wasn't packed at all... I think it's the weirdest weekend shopping trip I've ever experienced :)