Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Another very hectic day... half past nine at night and I'm just showing my desk for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!
Seriously... mine is such a mess right now... Thank you so much Kathy Orta (Paper Phenomenon) for getting me started on the travel suitcase mini :)... now I have less time than ever! *lol*
The mini is on the far left... it's coming along nicely (though the inside is completely bare right now).
We have the 'always-there' carousel full of bits and pieces that I'm using right now (rulers, scissors, pens, glues, scor-tape... so much!), crop-a-dile, scraps of paper, cold coffee (again!), distress inks, alcohol inks, Basic Grey precision file set, ribbon to match the mini-in-progress, brads... and cutters??? Goodness knows what they happen to be doing there *lol*. Just coming into view on the right is my netbook...oh, and todays paper which is as yet unread (no time!).
A quickie look at the suitcase mini so far...
and a cutsie look at how the kittens are doing today (still such a distraction!)
They have temporary names, starting with the ginger tom and going clockwise, they are:
Max, Boo, Sox, and Missy.
Sox (black and white ball of cuteness) already has a home with my eldest daughter... and Boo may be staying with me (though he'll definitely have to have his knackers knocked off!).


misteejay said...

Love the suitcase.

Am still choking after reading your last sentence...LOL

Scrappydiva said...

Oh wow! That suitcase mini looks awesome!! Where did you get the idea/instructions/supplies for that?!! I'm rediscovering my love for minibooks at the moment and I'd love to have a go at that one.

Oh and the kitties are soooo cute. I'm looking for a family pet at the moment. I want a dog and hubby wants a cat. The kids each want various furry rodent-ish things that change depending on their mood and what their friends have got. So we're at an impasse and no-one is getting anything. :(

Bubbles said...

Kathy Orta, she of Paper Phenomenon, can be found at UStream... but she has a blogspot where you can download tutorials (you have to pay - but they're VERY reasonable), or even order the kits.
Her blogspot is here:
Links to the tutorials etc can be found at the top of her page, directly under the header banner.
If you're planning on watching her U-Stream classes, have a tissue handy - she'll make you laugh so much, you'll cry *lol*

Elaine Harding said...

I love the names you've chosen for your little balls of fluff! The suitcase is really cute - bet that must have taken ages to make. TFS#4

Lita said...

LOVE that little suitcase!

Beatrice said...

Love the crafty look of your desk - kittens oh my they are gorgeous


Scattychick said...

I would so love to steal Max and Missy away from you but my hubby would kill me seeing as he is not a cat fan and we already have 2 lol. Are you looking for homes? my parents had 5 cats but have lost 3 of them in the past 18 months :( they were all teenagers but still sad

Craftyangel said...

sooo cute kittens.

i spy a coffee mug, its a must have on a crafty desk......thanks for sharing

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh your desk is lovely to behold, you're very busy! We've stopped a paper, they were going unread for days on end. As fort the coffee - refresh refresh!

sutty said...

Ooo great the cup of tea/coffee ready for crafting - the mini album looks beautiful and the kittens are very cute :)

Amanda Lightfoot said...

Great suitcase, love it ohhhh and the kitties!