Monday, 16 May 2011

A New Project

As some will already know, I love making paper flowers. I bought a book at the 99p store and started using the pages to make some flowers... and then sat back and thought about what a lovely cover the book had. So, I decided to make it into a case for a mini-book. The mini to go inside hasn't even been started yet, but I have finished altering the book to accomodate it...
I didn't want to cut into the pages, and use any of the 'insides' of the book as a casing... I thought of making a small box to sit inside the cover - that way I'd have more space for the mini-book I'll make to fit inside. It's not very deep, so I'll have to take that into consideration when making the mini. I used the g.c.d 'Paris Nights' papers, and the 'lid' of the book is held shut simply with a magnetic fastening.
I was wondering whether to use gesso to make the inner box look like pages (it's quite easy - just layer the gesso on, and as it starts to dry off, make patterns like edging paper onto it), but have decided to keep it just as it is with the 'Paris Nights' papers showing. I did have to buy a second book the same - it just seemed so wrong to annihilate this lovely book and not have it to read anymore. The book is a Charles Dickens novel - "Our Mutual Fiend (Part II)"... it's slow reading, but quite humourous in parts - though I can't say I'd recommend it at all (gasps!).
Anyway, enough rambling on about the content of the book... I just wanted to post to prove that I really don't sit and stare at kittens all day :)


Dawn said...

Lovely idea I like this a lot. I have just bought two Dickens books! (different ideas in mind though) We both had kittens on our wedding anniversary! life is full of coincidences have fun with the kittens I want to see them again soon.

Love Dawn xx

misteejay said...

What a super idea - can't wait to see the book you put inside.

Toni :o)

Karen said...

What a fabulous idea Sheleen love the result.

Sian said...

I love what you are making, as a former librarian I am covering my ears and not listening to the book-killing bit :) Your comment on my blog yesterday made me laugh out loud - then I read it to my husband and he was in stitches too. Very funny!