Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wisteria tutorial...Part 2

Oh, yes... tis I again with another fiddly, annoying part to the wisteria bloom.
This is for the little buds that you'll need to finish off the ends of the spray... and you'll have to excuse the state of my fingernails in the photographs *lol*
Okay, so we start off with cutting out a small heart from a piece of paper - I didn't use any cosmic shimmer mist for the buds, as this would just make it harder to glue them, and the misting wouldn't really show anyway.
 Using a cocktail stick, roll the edges of the heart inwards - keeping the coloured side to the outer, and hiding the white side.
 Next you have to glue this carefully, and ignore the state of my hands and nails completely *lol*
 A six-petal flower shape is then used - I punched my flower shapes from a green piece of paper - either a 1 or 1.5cm punch will be fine. Then simply wrap the green flower shape around the top half (the pointy end of the heart) of your bud. That's it for those... now onto the slightly open bud:
 Cut out a smaller heart shape - and preferably a little fatter than the previous one used. Turn the heart shape colour-side-down onto your palm, and work the paper until it's a flattish cup shape. You will need to keep the crease down the middle, so squish that a bit when you turn it over to make it prominent...
 Preferably using the 1cm flower punch, and using the green paper once again, punch out a flower and then cut in in half. Wrap this half flower round what was the pointy end of your heart and glue. It's done - how quick was that?!? You can pinch the open end of the second bud together, and glue it carefully - and when using it on a layout, you'll need to use silicone glue, pinflair, or foam pads to keep it raised.
So there it is... three buds to make a wisteria spray.
The leaves are simply die cut rose leaves, embossed and then bent in half and pinched at the end to hold their shape. These were misted with cosmic shimmer mists, and held in place on the layout with silicone glue.
All the stems are simply stitched - the leaves stems have a little spiral at the end... just because I liked it, and wisteria has these little spirally tendrils too. To be honest, making these blooms was a fiddly pain! *lol*... AND... they look pretty dull and boring just sat there singly on their own... but put them together, and I think they look pretty good - even if I do say so myself *lol*
And please remember... If you enjoyed this tutorial and the wisteria, then I thank you... if you didn't like it, then you have Mandy to blame *lol*


misteejay said...

They do look fiddly but the finished LO obviously shows that it was worth it - TFS.

Toni :o)

Amanda Lightfoot said...

NO! They don't look pretty good, they look absolutely amazing!

Laura said...

WOW! These are amazing. Love it and definitely worth all the fiddling. xx