Monday, 23 May 2011

**UPDATE (travelcase mini)

Apart from a few little flourishes (dangly charms, etc) the mini album is complete. I made a little journalling/notes book mimicking a passport, and also changed the camera mini too (making it less bulky).
The 'passport' is slightly bigger than a real one, and is embossed with gold stamped images on the front cover - so easy!
Now it's back to another unfinished project - the mini to go inside the book cover...  but my mojo stopped jiving and is having a little sleep *lol*
And... talking of sleep - wanna see how the kitties are doing...?
Here they are...
Their eyes are opened now... and they are getting so big! Poor CallieCat is a bit overwhelmed I think - but she's doing okay... and is such a good mummy!


Scattychick said...

Oh dear big mistake to read your blog when the kids were home from school! I did a little Awwwww squel and they came to invistigate and now want a kitten lol. Dylan my 8yo wants Max but he says his name should be Buster lol

misteejay said...

What a fab project - it's super.

Wow, your furballs are growing quickly.

Toni :o)