Saturday, 21 May 2011

Crafting Mishaps #2

After the whole terrible episode with the glitter, I thought crafting errors would be avoidable - I am trying to be careful! However... there is one crafting tool I now know that I cannot do without. A hairband.
Yes, a simple little piece of elastic would have saved me a lot of trouble yesterday. I was finishing off the pages of the mini-book I had been making, and was using my hot glue gun to seal the bottom of the pages.
Yes, I can hear you now - warning me of the dangers of blistered thumbs (that was last week... and it still hurts!). So ... what has hot glue got to do with hairbands? Well, you have to also place into the mix a little bit of utter stupidity :)
There was I, fixing the pages of the mini-book, leant over the desk squinting with concentration (and, yes, I DID have my tongue poking out of the corner of my mouth... it really does help!), when my glue 'blobbed'. This little hard lump of glue splattered from the nozzle of my glue gun. Of course, I turned the nozzle towards me to look at what had happened - and forgot to lift my finger off the trigger. Hot glue squirted into hair does NOT come out easily! If only I'd had a hairband tying back my hair... then I'd only be picking set glue off of an old apron *sighs*.
Is this the end of my tale of woe...? Not likely!
After this "glue vs. hair" fiasco, you'd think I'd be a bit more careful....? Not I! Some may call it bravery... most would call it just plain old dumb! But I was on a creative roll... I was getting this mini completed, and my mojo was jiving! Paper needed trimming, so out came my guillotine. Oh... I can hear the groans now - someone as careless as I actually owning a guillotine cutter! Yes, I do... it has a sliding paper trimmer too :D
I leant over the guillotine, measuring up carefully (measure twice, cut once... as my granddad used to say). The paper was definitely round the wrong way, I thought... so I slid it out, turned it round and slipped it back under the guillotine blade. And somehow got my hair slipped under too. Hair and guillotines don't work well together - this I should have realised when remembering all those old films about the French Revolution. There is a reason the axe-man has his victims hair tied back before bringing down the blade, you know! Yes... my hair was pulled by the blade - and if it was the side with the glue on it, I wouldn't have minded so much. Luck was not on my side. So Now I have a sticky-together hair piece on my left, and a baldy patch on my right... *lol*


Anj said...


Roz said...

lol.... oops.
Love the case and camera in the previous post as well.

You mentioned about me capturing the moment in that Disney scrap page. The bottom photo shows his raised eyebrows and wide eyes looking at the fake snow, and I love the pic of him looking up mouth opened lol... front teeth missing.

misteejay said...


Folk would never realise what an "extreme" passtime paper crafting can be LOL

Toni :o)

dawn said...

WOW you really go to extremes measures to create don't you?? I had to laugh a little and feel bad for your poor hair at the same time. This makes me even more sure about staying away from a hot glue gun, lol. What us artists do to get our projects done, nothing can stop us. Ok enough joking. I love love these minis and want one. How clever and creative you are to make these. I can't wait to see you fill them up with goodies and pictures? Your kittens are so cute and I the names are sweet for them. So nice to see stop by and see what is new for you. Have a great weekend and be careful if your crafting again.

Sian said...

Ooh! Mind you, I guess you were lucky that it was your hair and not your eyes that caught the glue. But all the same..

Will you be scrapping again any time soon, or have Health and Safety impounded your stuff?

sutty said...

Owww - well done for continuing after the glue in the hair....but the guillotine too, surely nothing else can go wrong when you craft now :) Bet the mini album looks great, my DH swears by having your tongue stuck out when you are concentrating - seems to have passed the habit onto my kids too - must get a pic of it one day :)