Saturday, 28 May 2011

Blogger 'comment' troubles?

I've finally managed to start commenting on people's blogs again "YAYYY!!!!!"
For those with the same problem as I had:
"I login at my dashboard, no problems there. I go to a blogger blog and comment, and instead of my username being there I have to pick "google account", which then takes me to the login screen, where I login (selecting remember me), and I get taken to the comment form again, and show up as anonymous, instead of as my user name. Then I type the word verification, and click post, and it takes me to the login screen again. Then after I login again it takes me to the comment, and I have to start all over again." (AMYH41111)
then there's a list of solution Blogger advises you to try:

0) Make sure you are running the latest version of your browser, if not, upgrade it.
1) Make sure you REALLY have cleared both your COOKIES and CACHE
2) Once cleared shut down the browser
3) Then open it again and Check that the Cookies and Cache are indeed Empty. This is very important. The problem seems to be with corrupt cookies and cache files
4) If that is OK try going to . Don't login yet, press CTRL-F5 and then try logging in again
5) If that still does not work try logging into Gmail first and then go to and try again
6) If that does not work try going to this address
7) If that does not work try going to
8) If all those fail, try installing another browser to see if that works eg Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc

Here's my answer to that:

I cleared cookies etc, and then tried the trick of NOT clicking the "keep me signed in" box. This appears to have worked .... but surely this is not the point - why isn't Blogger just working? I shouldn't have to go through this rigmarole every time I want to use Blogger! As for advising people to use a different browser... WHAT??!! You want me to download a completely different browser just so as I can leave comments on Blogger? Are you insane??? How unprofessional this sounds... it's like passing the buck - Blogger doesn't work properly and so the users have to find a way of fixing the problem rather than Blogger themselves sorting it out and correcting what's wrong.
Okay, so I ranted a bit :) But.... puhleeeease!

Anyways, I have managed to catch up with a few people... and I'm so sorry if I haven't managed to comment on everyone's amazing and wonderful blog entries as yet... but there's only so many hours in a day *lol*


Sian said...

Thank you for perservering and leaving me a comforting comment! And an extra thanks for these instructions, I'll be straight back if Blogger starts playing me up.

misteejay said...

Sometimes it's good to rant LOL

Not checking the remember me box seems to be working for me at the moment but agree we shouldn't have to be faffing around like this.

Toni xx

Sandra said...

I've been lucky so far and not had any problems - but if I do, I know where to come.

Anita said...

Yep, I have all sorts of probs too, really REALLY frustrating isn't it....especially as it seemed to let me post a new post but just not comment on others blogs...PAH! Thanks for the info though, you are a gem.xx warmest wishes Anita..xx