Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mini-Dresser Mini-Book

Okay, so this isn't quite finished yet (no book inside for a start... and the bottom needs a good lick of crackle paint)... but I couldn't resist showing off this new mini-book cover I made. Chances are, I made it in the most difficult, round-a-bout, hardest, fiddly-est way possible... but I did it! *lol*
It's all paper and card, crackle paint, glossy accents... and a bit of acetate and a couple of hitch fastenings (a la Tim Holtz - TH92731). Oh, and a LOT of Scor-Tape and glue :)
This one opens with a side-hinge made from Kraft paper and strengthened with Tyvek...
and the 'door' is about half an inch thick. Both drawers are fake - but they are useful in that the drawer handles are used to pull open the door to reveal the minibook inside. The dresser window is acetate, and all the crockery inside is cut out of paper and blobbed with Clear Glossy Accents from Ranger (GAC17042).
Some of the 'plates' are decoupaged (the rims), and the other crockery is just bent rounded slightly to give it some shape - all stuck on with silicone glue. My original idea was to put a real mini tea-set into a box like this... but I couldn't bear to glue down such cute little pieces... so paper it was - though cutting out the handles on the caups, jug and some of the plates was a pain!
The feet are made the same way paper beads are done - just glue and rolled strips of paper. I didn't have feet on it at first, and although the paper feet are strong, the addition of these to the project makes it less steady (though it doesn't topple over at all)... Eventually I decided to keep the feet - it does look better :)
The inside of the box is empty - and is smply decorated with leftover paper. All the patterned paper used in this dresser was leftovers from that Henbury Lane A4 paper I had... it's never-ending!
The 'door' is stopped from closing in on the box completely by two small pieces of chipboard in the right hand corners.
It's not the prettiest solution, but it does work well, and doesn't take up too much space. The size of the inside of the box for the album will be: 4.75"x7.75"... not a bad size for an album.
Well... that's my 'Big Reveal'... I'm just so pleased because it's all my own - my idea, no measurements from anyone else... and I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else.

And just a quick update (yes, Dawn... for you *lol*):
Callie and her kittens are doing well- as this photograph from yesterday shows. Boo has now the nickname 'BooBear' - because he is one HUGE bundle of solid fluffiness :)
I think I shall miss this little bundles of miaowing fur when they're re-homed.


misteejay said...

The dresser is stunning and I'm sure the minibook will be just as lovely when done.

Gosh your furbabies have grown.

Toni xx

Sandra said...

I'm totally in awe of you ... this is just amazing.

aawwwwwww how gorgeous are those little bundles, so so sweet.

Rachael Elliott said...

Wow this is amazing!! Love it!!!
Thank you for my birthday wishes and I am definitely going to be 30-10 not 40 sounds much better thanks for that :)

Anita said...

Oh Sheleen, you have surpassed yourself with this stunning dresser. Its flipping fantastic and your creativity ALWAYS amazes me!!
Cannot wait to see the gorgeous book you create for inside too.
Your little furbabies are tooooo cute, such pretty colours. Have a lovely Bank Hol Monday..xx Warmest wishes

dawn said...

Your dresser is amazing and beautiful. I am speechless and in awe of you. I couldn't dream of doing that and having it come out that good. I love love the dishes, so real and pretty. That's great you did this all on your own, so clever and crafty. Thanks for the update on the little babies, they have grown and look adorable. How sweet they are snuggled together. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Monday. I left you a comment on my blog by the way. Can't wait to see your next project.

Sian said...

This really is paper engineering Sheleen - it's amazing! You should try submitting it to a Papercrafts magazine

Craftgirl said...

Love this I saw it on WOYWW and had to scroll down for a proper look. Well done and I agree with the above comment.
Carol C