Sunday, 24 July 2011

Waiting For A Photo Layout

This is a first for me... although I made my daughter a layout (in a box) with inter-changeable photographs, I've never actually designed and made a layout where you can add any photograph you like later on. As another "first", it's also about as close to a layout with whitespace as I could possibly manage. Talk about unfussy - this whole layout consists of just 11 elements. It was inspired by a stamp that I had bought very cheaply for a pound at Pickwells.
Pretty, huh?
I wish the photographs could do this layout justice - it's a beautiful bright yellow cardstock that's been inked with "Old Paper"  and "Antique Linen" Distress Inks... and I know that 'whitespace' is supposed to be a lot of... well... empty space (*lol*)... but I wanted a slightly patterned yellow paper, and didn't have any - so I added a few inked flourishes.
The scallop-edged yellow cardstock was backed with plain cardstock ... but I had no plain black, so I had to ink around the edges of another colour with "Black Soot" Distress Ink. I could have cut an aperture from the yellow cardstock - but it was so much easier to just cut out a black piece of card into an oval and stick it on. The main flourish is made up of two pieces that I printed out and then cut out leaving a white border around (took AGES!), and originally I planned to have just one or two butterflies on the right of the page... but I preferred three in the end (just can't help myself... adding bits and pieces!). Please just ignore how badly I cut things out... me and scissors are not the best of friends :)
I added another butterfly near the flourishes, really just to fill an awkward space. The bumble bee and ladybird weren't really needed - but they were so cute :)
The original idea was to have the flourish on the right - the same as the stamp... but I cut out the wrong flourish (I had printed two of them, mirror images of each other) and really couldn't be hassled to cut the other one out too, so it was all flipped around to accomodate my litle mistake :) Everything except the black oval was attached with little foam pads, and now all I have to do is choose a photograph to put into the layout.
Think I'll make a few layouts based on these design - choosing different pastel colours for the background cardstock. Pale pink and baby-blue next, I think :)


Karen said...

Beautiful - can't wait to see it complete with a photo.

Sandra said...

It's just so pretty, what a great idea. I know you think your cutting might not be good, but I certainly can't see why :). What I want to know is how you come up with all these amazing ideas

misteejay said...

Such a pretty LO - you really must show us when you have chosen the photo. Perhaps another colour choice could be autumn shades.

Toni xx

Di said...

Absolutely beautiful! And why might you be thinking of baby blue and baby pink?! :) Di xx

Sian said...

You know how much I love a bit of hand cutting! Someone recommended Tesco really cheap little scissors to me - they are great! I'm so glad you added the detail shot so we could see the beautiful dimension here