Thursday, 28 July 2011

Christmas Frame

Lunch Lady Jan (oh She of the beautiful fabrics, amazing imagination and boot-i-ful kitty) asked about something on my desk... The 'gold coloured curly wurly thing' is actually a Christmas decoration. Every January, I trot off to The Range and see what decorations they have going cheap. They usually sell tree decorations for 19p and upwards out of season... and when I spotted these glittery swirls in gold and silver, I knew they'd make brilliant frames for scrapbooking and mini-albums. At 29pence each, I thought it was a bit of a bargain really.
I really should have bought more than just two... but I was in a rush that day, and also bought a handful of other ornaments too.
It's getting quite bad actually, this habit that's forming... nearly everything has a possible use in scrapbooking... nothing is quite safe from a bit of alcohol ink and some strong glue *lol*
Yup, everything has a scrapability factor... think this is why Hubby has banned me from his shed :)

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Sandra said...

I wish we had a range close by. You see things in such a great way ... A truly creative mind

misteejay said...

This is so pretty. I tend to haunt the local garden centres as well after Christmas because they often have bargains on the Christmas goodies.

Toni xx

Debbie said...

Really pretty! You must post what you do with them. Would love to see it!

dawn said...

This is pretty and you've been busy again. I read your pasts post, sorry haven't been here sooner. Doing my WITL project as you saw keeps me busier then usual. Thanks for stopping by and I love reading your comments. Hope you have a great weekend.

Sian said...

You are my favourite bargain hunting scrapbooker :)