Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Christmas House

The outer box for the Christmas House Mini is finished. I think. I may add a few bits to it... maybe. I'm sort of "hmmm-ing" and "haaa-ing" about it. Anyway... as I promised to reveal the box today, I will do. Just don't expect much else - I have been up for 32 hours straight and my brain is in melt-mode *lol*
The papers were an absolute bargain - from Mad About Cards and Pickwells - I found a whole load of Papermania Silk Screened Paper in three different designs. It's so pretty, and although it's highlighted a lot with gold, it also matches really well with silver because of the blue shot through the papers too. I liked the idea of pink and brown (the main colours of the papers), as it reminded me of cinnamon (or gingerbread men) and cranberries.
This was the house before it was completely finished... remember I said that I was waiting for something to arrive in the post to complete it...? Well, obviously it arrived - I'll show you what it was in a minute...
The back of the house:
The chimney was a LOT easier to put on than those pretty little windows at the front *lol*
The door has a wreath charm on it... and on the snow-topped door knob is a little tiny stocking charm with a teensy-weeny candy cane sticking out of it.
All the windows (and the door also) were made simply by cutting out chipboard, painting it with Gesso, and then applying a thin layer of clear crackle gloss. I backed them with some of the papers in a plain brown. Only the bay window was made differently - more of that in just a little while.
To make the 'snow', I simply drizzled hot glue whereever I wanted the snow to be, and then painted it with gesso. When this was dry, I added Diamond Stickles lightly with my finger. To complete the look, I sprayed over the whole house with Cosmic Shimmer Mist (the white pearl).
I think the Cosmic Shimmer shows quite well in the photograph.
Now for that bay window...
I made it separately, and instead of a plain brown backing, I stuck a photograph behind it - it's a Christmas tree and a fireplace with candles on it. The picture is quite dark and brown-toned as I didn't want it to be too obvious. Something was missing... I knew there was a little 'extra' that was needed to make the window complete. A cat. It was this little missing item that I had to wait for - I hate waiting for things to arrive in the post!
I managed to find a little one at 1/24th scale... but then I had to paint it! Green eyes, pink nose... and grey tabby fur :)
I think he looks quite at home peering through the window... and he completes my outer-box for my Christmas House Mini quite well :)


Sandra said...

I can't tell you how in awe I am of you. Honestly, to say it's amazing, just doesn't seem enough!

Di said...

OMGosh - this is absolutely STUNNING! I love it to bits - so much work - I bet you also sparkle a bit having used all those lovely twinkling touches:) Just brilliant! Di xx

Sian said...

I've been having a catch up after being away - and wow! you have been busy! Your Christmas cottage is amazing. You really are Mrs Christmas, aren't you? And your Prom Babe is absolutely beautiful, and you can tell her I said that!

misteejay said...

Oh my, it is so beautiful - so much detail. This is a truly amazing project.

Toni xx

dawn said...

I am speechless!! Seriously it's more then stunning and awesome and gorgeous. I can't believe all the hard work and little details you put in to it. The little doorknob and candy cane are my favorite, I love holiday things on the front door. Your cat is precious and perfect for you, the snow on windows and everything is just magical. Way to go!!!

Anita said...

THUNK!!!!! That is the sound of my chin hitting the floor! Sheleen, you have totally surpassed yourself this time Hun, my goodness I am blown away. Ya know what? I would just LOVE to be inside your head for 24 hrs and get a glimpse of your creativity cogs whirring round. This is just stunningly beautiful and your attention to detail is fabulous. You never cease to amaze me woman!
Warmest wishes

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

WOW - this is just sooooooo amazing . . . the detail, the colour, HARD WORK. Totally fabulous.

Hugs, Sandra

Bernie said...

Wow so glad Di sent me over to see this. This blows my sox off! Amazing work! Absolutely beautiful!
Blessings Bernie