Saturday, 23 July 2011

Not enough space!

I am running out of space - so I'm chucking away some of my experimental albums. None are finished completely - they need embellishments or extra tags. I'm just too busy making other stuff and need the room too *lol*
Remember the faux-paperbag mini album that needs embellishments? Going.
The "memories" beermat mini? Going.
And then there's a halloween 4.5"x4.5" mini that needs tags added to be completed. Going.
Then I thought that, rather than fill a landsite with my paper castoffs... maybe someone could make use of them? Take them apart, shred them for small animal bedding... whatever *lol*
So... here's what's been suggested:
Add a comment to this post - you don't have to become a follower or even write anything other than just a "Yep, I want one". A couple of weeks from now, my youngest daughter will draw three names from a hat (yes, I DO have hats - lots of them *lol*), and I'll send one album to each person - where ever that may be (I'll even post abroad - I don't mind). I'll make sure to list the names so people can contact me with an address to send to.
So, what d'ya think? I know... it's a bit cheeky palming off my rubbish on others - but paper is paper... right?
So... 6th August is the 'name pick day'. Let others know if you can... the more the merrier :)
I'll probably have a few more items in the near future if anyone's interested... in the meantime - sign below! *lol*
Please, please remember that you're helping keep the worlds rubbish landfills empty of my tat :D


Sian said...

You know what they say - one (wo)man's trash is another's treasure. But you know I think you make only treasures!

misteejay said...

What a fab idea - I love all your stuff so would be more than happy to take something off your hands - always willing to do my bit for being green LOL

Toni xx

Scattychick said...

I would love the chance to see your work close up Sheleen :)

Sandra said...

It's such a good idea, knowing you, your cast offs will be stunning lol.

Anonymous said...

"Yep, I want one"............Your "cast offs" are too cute to end up in a land-fill so I will definitely give one a good home. Will it come with a British accent? I live in the USA in Oklahoma so I believe it would enjoy living here amongst fellow minis (my creative stash).

Big Hugs from Oklahoma,
Victoria (Vickie) Merrick

Di said...

Oooer, how generous Bubbles! I'd love to be in the draw as all your stuff always looks so interesting and I'd promise to (try to) continue your good work :) Di xx

Neil said...

I'd be happy to have one of your creations!

Debbie said...

You're kidding! How could you part with these beautiful creations! I know. I'll take them off your hands!;) Thanks for the opportunity to win something!

Mags said...

If you can bear to give these gorgeous creations, it's only fair I should offer a home to one of them!!! Seriously, thanks for the chance!

I am a follower now - your blog is inspiring and also makes me smile!!

luv, Mags x

Amanda Lightfoot said...

LOL well I just have to leave a message 'cause now I've discovered we have at least three things in common .... a love of all things creative, especially paper, a love of cats (rude not to really) and a love of HATS! and of course I LOVE all that you make you talented woman! x

Anj said...

would the hat in question be the oversized one your mum has her eye on for the wedding - lol! Many thanks for the chance to win x x

Glen said...

Oh my goodness Sheleen...are you kidding?! I would LOVE one of your master pieces. *Ü* Of course if you need more evidence that I LOVE Halloween, just check out my blog. *Cackle*! *Ü* Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. ~Glen~

Anita said...

OOOOOHHHHH MYYYYYY GGGGGoSSSSSSHHHH! Sheleen, I bet I have seen this too late now :(, but anyway I just love your work and attention to detail on all your beautiful creations. I would be more than happy to give any one of these wonderful books a loving home....thankyou for your kind