Monday, 18 July 2011

Twenty Minute Layout

I did something I have never done before... I took apart a layout I had done. When I say "took apart" I actually mean that I demolished it... wrecked... completely... annihilated. I was going to use the embellishments and photograph again... but then I didn't because I figured that if I didn't like them first time round, chances are I wouldn't like them if I used them again. I did re-do the layout... but still don't really like it. However, the whole thing took me twenty minutes - and that was including sticking down photographs and then ripping them off again, wondering how the heck I was going to repair the rip in my background paper, and then deciding to paint over the tear and hope for the best, and waiting for the paint to dry.

So... best I show you what I did, and to what I did it to...
Remember this hideous monstrosity (the layout, not the subject!):
It is gone. It is no more. I have to say that it actually looks better in the photograph than it ever did in real life. So much work went into it - from the little feet for centres of flowers, all the ornate sewing, cutting out the photograph, to tracking down and ordering little shoe embellishments. And I cut it up. And then I didn't even use the photograph again!
I re-did the layout so quickly... layering up some photographs and then glittering the edges (yes... I did say 'glitter'... me... using glitter!). All I did after that was to use Papermania flowers that my son's girlfriend Steph had bought for me as well as sticking on some Papermania clear stickers. I took some green thread out of Papermania heart shapes and changed it to pink ribbon instead, and stuck them on using the foam pads already attached. Next I stamped out some letters using a 99p set of foam stamps I bought and cut around the letters. A bit of journalling with white pen, and I was done! After the paint had dried, the layout took just over five minutes to complete. Now that's what I call quick! *lol*
And here it is...
It's not brilliant... but it's better than it was :)


misteejay said...

Very different style to the original - I love this one's use of more photos.

Toni xx

Sandra said...

I really can't see why you didn't like the first, so much effort. Although I do so love the 2nd layout - it's gorgeous

dawn said...

I love them both for different reasons. Neither one is better then the other to me, they are both beautiful. I do like all the pictures on the 2nd one though and her name is a favorite of mine. I'm glad this one makes you happy and that is what counts most of all!!