Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Secret's Out!

Di at Pixie's Crafty Workshop (go visit her blog too - she's fun and super-creative... and she has blog candy too!) asked me where I get my bargains... so I'm going to let you in on a few little secrets - the places where I buy all sorts of bargains!
So... much like Helen (It's All Fiddle Fart) I love bargain basement shops... Poundland, The 99p Discount Stores, Pound Shop - never be too proud to have a poke around and pick up a bargain! Helen loves stickers and anything she can "Fiddle Fart" with (gotta go to her blog - what this woman can do with her stash is amazing!)... I pick up odd things - like beaded curtain tiebacks - because you can always take them apart to use. I also love the Discount Stores for 99p hardback books (new project coming up involving these!).
Lace is my new "thing"... I LOVE lace. I've searched around for bargains - because I really don't think that £5 for a yard of 20cm lace is good value (nomatter how pretty it is!) ... Well how about over 20 metres of black cut-out lace starting at under £5? Yup... there are such places. I don't particularly enjoy shopping on auction sites, but "Lacey Bits" is so inexpensive... it's worth a visit (just don't start out-bidding me, okay?! *lol*)
Mad About Cards has a craft £1 shop... and a lot of sales where items are as cheap as 10pence!
The price of scrapbooking supplies has soared in recent years... so look in the children's art department for things like foam lettering, glitter glue and paint.
Sadly, one of my local stores where I buy crafting supplies is closing (all say "awwww")... the only good news is that the craft items on sale there at the moment are silly low prices! If your a Sotonian, take a visit to Bitterne and find the bookshop next to Icelands... I have no idea what it's called!
I mustn't forget to add on here that, for some strange reason, rubber stamps are really cheap in New Zealand - so have a nosey around the world wide web, and find a lovely New Zealand online store that delivers to Europe quite cheaply.
Of course, the same applies to many crafting items via the Good Ol' U.S of A. I paid £17 for my Martha Stewart score board (including postage and packaging) from America... and just £20 for a set of five Martha Stewart punches (I really wanted the peppermint candy punch *lol*)
Last, but by no means least, is Pickwells. A little corner of crafty bliss! How's about this for a bargain... The vagabond for £125! Crafting at Pickwells can be incredibly inexpensive - with 10p sales and always a bargain to be found! Sadly, Carolyn doesn't have an online shop - but if you're ever in the area... you really should pop in and say hi :)

So, there's a short list of some of my favourite and most inexpensive places for craft shopping.
I know I prattle on a bit so I apologise for sore eyes having to read through this - but if it saves you a few pennies, then it might even be worth it *lol*


Sandra said...

Ooohhh thank you so much, I was thinking I would need to start following you around on your shopping trips lol

Di said...

Oh my word - so many places to try! Thanks so much for your kind comments chick - now, how about lending me some money to fund my shopping spree that I feel coming on :) Di x

Di said...

OMG, OMG!!!!!! I just looked at Pickwells website and as I live in North Hampshire they are within reach!! Whoop, whoop!!!!!!! Di xx

The Crafty Elf said...

I can't get a word in edgewise, our friend Di is so over the moon with excitement. Let me just say I love spreading good tips too so props to you for that. Too bad I live across the pond or I'd be running over Di to get the deals....LOL