Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Patter Of Tiny Paws...

After several sleepless nights and false alarms, Callie has had three kittens :)
We're a little worried here at the moment, as she had her last one at around 9pm Saturday night, but she's still HUGE and with wriggling going on in her belly (it's now 1.15am, Sunday morning). She's purring, and has eaten and seems very content at the moment.
First kitten born was a pure black VERY tiny little girl, followed by a silver-grey tabby (also a girl) and lastly a darker grey tabby who is a little boy kitty.
They are GORGEOUS! and much more tiny than her last litter.
The photograph isn't too good - I didn't want to disturb her too much... but here's a little blurry peek :)


misteejay said...

Another batch of cuties...hope Callie is okay and the rest of the kittens have arrived by now (if she's having more).

Toni xx

Sandra said...

I've been waiting to hear, aaawwwwww what sweethearts